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Health care is an extremely crucial element in the life of any individual. Access to medical services not only provides one with a sense of well being, but prevents any fatalities arising from medical emergencies. Preventable ailments can be diagnosed and treated thus reducing the cost and effects of treating a full blown illness. Primary health care is the most available form of medical attention received by most patients. Primary health care concentrates mainly on the physical attributes of medicine such as diagnosis, treatment, dressing and surgery. The psychological part of health and other social parts are glazed over and; therefore, there is a considerable likelihood that factors affecting the psyche of an individual are easy to miss.

Nurses are extremely crucial in the provision of healthcare. A significant part of patient care lies on the hands of the nurses. If anything goes wrong, nurses are to blame for it. In order to overcome the poor outcomes in nursing, and enhance improvement; there are certain issues which must be addressed. The best suited professionals should be employed, eloquent processes and the implementation of technological advancements.

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Health information system can be used to improve the quality of service provision to the patient. This could be attained through reducing the care inequalities, and improving the care outcome. Health information systems also help in the enhancement of communication and information while addressing the fear to safety and value during care changes. Nurses are also supposed to use a polite language to their patients. They should not be rude to them or mistreat them. Incorporating technology will decrease the paper medical records, and even expand exchange of health information (Glaser, 2002).

The federal government should provide a central nationwide record which will make attending to patients and diagnosis simpler for doctors. When one goes to the hospital, he or she has to fill a prolonged health history in case a new doctor is attending to them. This is an enormous wastage of time and money; the patients may not even remember their past medical problems, and the physicians need the correct information for correct diagnosis. Finally, different systems give people difficult time analyzing statistics at a nationwide rank. Example is a disease like cancer dropping? How often is it related with definite symptoms? A centralized national system would allow the data analysis that people have never dreamt of to be possible which will lead to remedial advances, and improved diagnosis competence. The reason against a centralized database is that some providers for the insurance may not give medical cover if they find out that a patient might have definite past medical problems. However, if the government is providing a medical cover for everyone in the country, that should not be a problem (Bardes & Shelley, 2008).

If the government provides free health care services, it will encourage patients to do precautionary drugs, and ask about the problems they encounter with their health early enough before the condition advances. In most cases, patients do not go to hospital for check up and treatment, or take preventive actions because it is exceedingly expensive and they cannot afford the cost. This is because many people do not have the health cover. Provision of health care services by the federal government will lead to an improvement in the general health issues of the people. This will not only affect patients but also the overall expenses of the system. This is because the preventive drugs cost less money than drugs for curing diseases. If the government provides health care, it will increase the prevention of creating an ailing nation.

Basis for health care reforms have been looked into since the year 1912, by some of the American presidents who have been on the throne. The figure of the uninsured citizens has gone up to over 45million, although some of these people are illegitimate settler. The people who are insured are living with fear because if they lose their jobs or transfer to other jobs, they will not have any health coverage. The living economy has gone up, and some companies are giving their employees their health coverage. However, these companies impose the cost of insurance on them, and this makes the employees skip the insurance package so as to manage their low incomes.

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Some people are at variance that the government cannot run a health program or cannot cater health businesses because they say that the government cannot run them effectively. They claim that they have heard a lot about the government, and there is none which accounts for every dollar which is used like the private sector. If the government cannot be able to account for every dollar used, then how are they expected to manage the medical system? They say like the health care bill which president Obama passed in the year 2009, with over 2000 pages, has not yet been implemented. Others suggest that if the government has to provide health care services for its employees, it would lead to reduction in patient illnesses. The government would put strict measures on people who will need the medication and their might also arise a political battle on medical procedures.

U.S Census Bureau reported that about 50.9 million people of the inhabitants were not insured. The United States’ citizens used more money on the health medication than any other country in the world. U.S has a higher infant mortality rate than the majority of the world developed nations. It is positioned on the 47 position in the world on it life expectancy, after some developed countries like UK, Germany, and others. United Nation is the only wealthy, developed country that does not make sure that its entire people are insured. A research was done, and it was concluded that many unnecessary deaths occur yearly because of lack of insurance cover (Bardes & Shelley, 2008).

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In my opinion, the federal government should provide health care for all citizens who cannot afford it on their own. They should make sure that all citizens are insured, and should also make sure that all the health reforms are implemented. By doing this, every person would be safe, health wise.


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