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Sport is an important part of life for young generation; it makes them stronger, responsible, and more confident. Sport develops the best qualities that shape the character of a future adult person. However, even the safest kind of sport may bring certain inconveniences such as traumas or a coach who wants too much from a 7-year-old boy. Parents are very happy when their children achieve great results in sport; however, sometimes, they forgive that their children are just children, and they perceive sport in a different manner than parents do (Lumpkin, 2013). The parents’ impact on youth sport does not consist only of the impact on their children. Some parents have a wrong perception of a coach’s goal and position in a sport putting their own priorities over the needs of their children or a coach’s mission.

In order to solve this problem, there was proposed to create a code of conduct that will regulate the behavior of parents who decided to engage their children into sport. This code of conduct predetermines obeying the list of rules that will help regulate the relations between a parent and a child and a coach and a parent. This code presents the following ten rules listed according to their importance:

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1. The coach is the boss.

When a parent wants that his/her child does sport, he/she should accept the fact that a coach gets a total control during the training. In this way, parents accept the fact that their child should train hard, and a trainer may use various methods to make a child do his/her best. Hence, a parent should give advices regarding how a coach should organize his/her work.

2. Respect the coach.

Sometimes, parents perceive a coach as one of the service staff. They may come to take their children earlier, but it does not mean that they have a right to interrupt training only if they came earlier today (Evans, & Slater, 2014). A coach decides when training starts and when it ends; so, the parents should respect his/her decision.

3. Do not push on a child.

When a child is only 7 years old, he/she does not view his/her new sport as serious as the parents do. Hence, there is no need to push on your child in order to make him/her play better, because it is not a world championship.

4. Trust your coach.

A coach is a person who performs many roles in order to make your child the best sportsman. Sometimes, a coach may rate your child, but it does not mean that he/she hates him/her. A parent should understand that it is just the part of a coach’s job.

5. Be proud of your child.

Your support and enthusiasm is the best reward for a child. For some children, the biggest victory is to make his/her parent proud of him/her. Hence, do not miss a chance to praise your child for a good game, even if the game was lost.

6. Let your child to make a choice.

Some parents do not let their children to sign up for an organized sport. A child is the only one who knows whether he/she likes what he/she does or not; thus, do not push on him/her and let make a choice.

7. Do not forget about the game.

If you decided that your child should do sports, then you should visit his/her games. In other way, there was no necessity to bring your child to a coach if you are not interested in his/her success.

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8. Win or lose.

It should not matter for you if your child wins or loses. If he/she has won the game, you should praise him/her. If the game was lost, cheer him/her up and say that he/she will win next time (Covassin, Elbin, & Sarmiento, 2012).

9. Do not give advices during the game.

During the game, parents should be observers, not a coach. You child was trained for this game. Thus, a coach is the only person who has a right to give advices about the game.

10. Do not criticize a coach.

A coach may have a bad smell, he might be entirely sweaty, but it does not matter that you have a right to judge him/her for that. A coach tries hard to make your child the best sportsman ever, and the unpleasant smell proves that the coach does his/her work well.

The introduced list of rules presents only the most important issues that should be considered in a youth sport (De Meester, Aelterman, Cardon, De Bourdeaudhuij, & Haerens, 2014). This list includes the simplest rules; some of them refer to the category of a good behavior, but still many parents forget to obey them. In general, it can be said that this code of conduct is created in order to help parents to view the youth sport in a different light. The rules, introduced here are used to establish good relations between the parents and the coach. Moreover, they show that a parent should not perceive his/her child as a professional sportsman and take into consideration the fact that it is only the youth sport. Parents should not forget that first of all, they should love their children and do everything possible to help them achieve the targeted goals.


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