The Internet Is No Longer Safe

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In the present-day world, the use of modern technology has triggered the popularity of online and internet services. Apparently, the Internet is very helpful in day-to-day activities like transactions and communication among others. However, the Internet is very harmful since it can transform into an instrument of destruction. This paper discusses the drawbacks of the Internet. Moreover, it presents the reasons why the Internet is insecure and supports them with concrete evidence from various journals and articles on network security.

To start with, the information one says or writes on the Internet never disappears. The above implies that one’s ideas written on the Internet remain there forever. Hereby, one will never actually be able to delete what they post online. The reason is that there many engines, devices and other servers that archive information written online. Consequently, the police may even use the files to prosecute people. In fact, many people have been charged with unlawful usage of evidence from the internet archives (National Sheriffs’ Association & National White Collar Crime Center, 2004). For instance, one can write on the Internet that they are going to commit murder. Hence, someone can notice it and notify the police, and even if a person deletes the post, the police will be able to find them. Apparently, such situations more often occur on Facebook. The upside is that such practices may aid in handling online planned crimes.

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However, on the other hand, it violates the right to privacy. It is a well-known fact that it is impossible to secretly discuss any issues even business ones online. As a result, the Internet is quickly transforming into a huge Brother Management network where solitude rights are violated (National Sheriffs’ Association & National White Collar Crime Center, 2004). The management personnel that operate things have become completely fanatical about surveillance, supervision and forage for almost everything that one performs on the Internet. The single thing that is important to remember is that nothing one performs on the Internet will be personal. Thus, if a person is fanatical about solitude, then the very last arena for them is the Internet. It is crucial not to post such information on the Internet that can give the authorities the possibility to hold one responsible (Boyd & Hargittai, 2013). It is worth noting that the Internet is generating a permanent record on each person, and they enhance by posting enormous volumes of information regarding themselves on shared media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Internet is the ultimate instrument for crowd communication that the earth has ever seen, and it provides regular citizens the capacity to converse with each other like never before. However, there is a disadvantage of the usage of the Internet. The reason is that everything one does on the Internet is under control, while being monitored and traced since Internet privacy does not exists. If one believes that they still possess some solitude on the Internet, then they are maybe uninformed about the current trends or under a delusion.

Secondly, the Internet is a bloodcurdling place at times. Today, the world has changed since people are using the Internet even for murder. Moreover, a considerable number of people is always searching for ways to hurt others online. For instance, The Craigslist murderer is an exemplary case. The above man killed several individuals, while he was acting as if he was buying something from Craigslist (Boyd & Hargittai, 2013). The man could steal into people’s houses and kill them. As a result, it is vital to remember that there are individuals online who aim to hurt one, and a person has to be conscious of it. Accordingly, it is advisable that one does not post the address or phone number on the Internet. The reason is that somebody may notice it and utilize it to one’s detriment. Thus, one should not place private information in general.

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Third, the Internet is full of forgeries. Apparently, many people have been robbed online. The reason is that online thieves create scams of all types, ranging from selling fake goods to deceiving one by soliciting credit card information. Although there are trusted sites like Amazon and EBay, there are several others that are better to avoid (Rosson, 2004). It is, therefore, advisable not to utilize a site if it does not seem safe or right. Moreover, if someone requests information which one feels not necessary to give, then one should not provide it. The online thieves use various excuses to gather information from an individual. Sometimes, they may say that there are some problems with one’s credit card and it is required to provide expiration date or additional information on it. Thus, it is crucial not to yield to such requests. Although an individual may not be attempting to con one, it is healthier to be protected than later remorse.

Forth, the Internet is full of viruses. Hereby, one has to insure that they are protected from internet viruses. For example, there are such viruses as Trojan horses and spyware can be very harmful. Thus, it is advisable to utilize the newest software to guard the computer against viruses such as Macafe. The above software and others like this assist one to protect their computer against viruses (Livingstone & Smith, 2014). Due to the fact that the anti-virus program is expensive, it is nevertheless reasonable to buy it because the expenses will be considerable if one cracks the system. Several people in Asia, Africa, and America are attempting and struggling to steal into people’s computers. Hacking is a grave and forever growing concern since one can be exposed to danger by simply creating an email. Furthermore, it is sometimes hard to detect some viruses until it is too late.


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