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In the present times, addiction is a serious psychological issue that can result in drug and alcohol abuse. The feature-length documentary film Addiction reveals these problems in full measure through nine separate segments. All these parts are thematically united. They include Saturday Night in a Dallas ER, The Science of Relapse, Insurance Woes, Topiramate: A Clinical Trial for Alcoholism, A Mother’s Desperation, Steamfitters Local Union 638, Opiate Addiction: A New Medication, The Adolescent Addict, Brain Imaging. This essay summarizes the key issues depicted in the documentary Addiction. It reveals the themes related to the drug and alcohol abuse.

Saturday Night in Dallas ER violates the issue of victims of violence and gunshot patients. This part of the documentary underlines the parallel between victims of addiction and gunshot patients. Teenagers and young people abuse alcohol and cocaine. Saturday Night in Dallas ER approves that addiction issues begin from childhood and are motivated by the role of a human in the family and community. A Mother’s Desperation reinforces feelings and emotions of people whose relatives and friends abuse heroine. This movie proves that mother is the person who is desperate to help her children and save from arrest, abuse and crimes (About the Films, 2015).

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The primary themes surrounding drug and alcohol addiction identified in the film Addiction refer to the relationships of the addicted people with the community, crash of family values, moral and physical degradation and health problems. One should say that the notion of addiction covers all aspects of being addictive. This documentary is valuable because it depicts people abusing alcohol and drugs like victims of their psychological disorder. It is evident that the film Addiction emphasizes its attention on the personal losses of people who devote their life to alcohol and drugs. Losses vary from cars, houses, money and job to children, families and personal identity (About the Films, 2015).

The film Addiction depicts the effects of drug and alcohol addiction on individuals and groups in society. This movie is an inspiring one because it shows the cruel reality created by the world of alcohol and drugs. Addiction proves that addictive people are isolated from the community, and even after treatment, it is difficult for them to integrate the society again. People are hostile to them and percept them as deviant. The effects of alcohol and drug abuse are depicted from many angles. As a result, this movie kills with its cruelty of reality, inspires with its emotionality and treats with its sincerity (Hawkins, Graham, Maguin, 1997).

For example, this documentary presents interviews of people who dealt with the problems of addiction. They can motivate others to give up these harmful habits. Without doubt, an addictive person can address to the medical specialists. However, watching this documentary one can understand that the addiction is not a surface problem. It is in human psychology, power of will and desire (Prinstein, Boergers, Spirito, 2001). This film proves that people with the addiction should address to psychologists rather than healthcare specialists. One can notice that addiction is a multidimensional and complex illness that consists of behavioral and psychological deviations (Norman, Bennett, & Lewis, 1998).

The themes of the film Addiction are related to the material covered in the class. First of all, this documentary reveals the factors that are the driving forces of the alcohol abuse and drug addiction. For example, these can be individual characteristics, peer factors, school factors, risk behavior, family and parental factors. The methodological assessment of the addiction in class is based on some critical information and the effect which is in line with the alcohol and drug usage, socio-economic characteristics, risk factors and mental health status among people. It also includes their attitude towards drugs and alcohol, illegal activities, drug use by friends, extracurricular activities and the rate of exposure to other educational programs (Hawkins, Graham, Maguin, 1997). In this documentary, interviewees only prove the information about addiction learnt during the lessons and lectures as the speakers are victims of addiction or witnesses of such psychological illness.

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One can draw the connection between the course readings, discussions and lectures and events depicted in the film. They are similar because they regard addiction as a profound challenge. This connection is different because lectures and discussion have only theoretical value and they cannot motivate as these series that provoke interest. The documentary Addiction presupposes involvement of physicians, research scientists, treatment providers, advocates, people using alcohol and drugs, families whose members suffer from this issue and government leaders. All these interviews reinforce the message that nobody is protected from the addiction despite age, gender, and social status.

For example, during the lectures we studied the factors that were the driving forces of alcoholism and drug abuse. As a result, we created the stereotypical vision that only people with the financial issues and family conflicts can undergo the addiction. However, the documentary Addiction has destroyed this myth through the interviews with people of different age, class, job and social status. Besides, this film helped to understand that addiction is a complex disease that demands not only medical interference.

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People share the opinion that alcoholism and drug abuse can be treated with the help of medication. The documentary Addiction proves the opposite insisting on the psychological aid. This film does not change the thought that alcoholism or drug abuse are diseases. However, it states that these issues begin in youth but are reinforced in the middle-age through the personal problems. The Addiction supports Alcoholics Anonymous as a support system that is more efficient than medication.

One can say that this documentary can become a practical supplementation to the lectures, discussions and lessons on alcohol and drug abuse. The tough realities of addiction are depicted through life stories, challenging situations in families and workplaces. Teenagers are especially vulnerable to alcohol and drug abuse. As a result, this movie is a must for youth. From this movie, it becomes evident that addiction is the tragedy for the family especially for a mother. The documentary Addiction provides the doctors’ vision of the issue. Scientists insist that brain is responsible for the addictive processes and one should use it as a technique for battle against addiction. This movie also provides the legislative issues concerning treatment for addiction. The government should provide the rehabilitation programs and regulations that make insurance companies pay for treatment. Improper help from the government leads to the tragedies like in this movie. Young woman who did not receive the help committed a suicide.

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In conclusion, one can say that the documentary Addiction demonstrates the tough reality of people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. This movie is valuable because it shares the opinion that addiction is physical and psychological disease alike. Real people with their life stories are the characters of this movie who provoke sympathy, inspire other people fight against the harmful habits and motivate to help others to overcome the addiction. This movie violates such issues related to the addiction like family tragedies, medical issues, imperfection of insurance companies, indifference of the government to the alcohol and drug issues in the community. This documentary is a good lesson for those who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse, and those who want to help others to overcome this problem.


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