Cyber Security

Week 1

Should system administrators and companies be responsible for the content posted by users of a website?

System administrators are responsible for developing as well as maintaining the system or server, but they are not moderators of the content uploaded. Their job is to make sure the server properly works and all functions are operating, therefore it is not their responsibility to filter the content.

Week 2

Laws typically allow judges considerable latitude in awarding sentences based on the facts of the case. Based on your response to question two in the Example Case Questions section on page 101, what penalty would you award de Guzman?  Why do you view this penalty adequate? Make your case.

If Guzman was the U.S. citizen, he would have been prosecuted under the U.S. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. I would make him pay the penalty, and besides I would imprison him regarding the damage he created. The leak of personal information and fraud are serious crimes, and therefore the punishment is not just community service. First, it is important to prove that he is guilty.

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Week 3

Based on the information in the articles referenced in the case, Iran seems to have taken great are to identify and protect its assets at Natanz.  What Additional precautions could it have taken? Why are these precautions valid?  

To keep such important assets safe and make them hard to hack, there should be even more protection. In this particular case, though, there is a need for checking the USB drives each time before using them on computers. Such precaution plays a pivotal role in any domain with valuable information. It is important to install software on the regular computer for the program to check the flash drive and, if needed, to debug the virus. Thus, it will guarantee protection of valuable information at Natanz. As it is still not clear whether it was more of a physical harm by an employee, they should be also checked to prevent the possible leak of data.

Week 4

Do you think free market can alleviate some of Bruce Schneirer’s concerns? Make your case for or against the argument.

Unfortunately, free market cannot alleviate any of his concerns, and I argue against the statement. In this passage, money is equal to the information we provide to “feudal lords” and “contenders.” Therefore, I think that this market of technology will not be free: people have to pay for the progress even though the price is sometimes very unusual, like personal data which sometimes might be sold and used against us. People will always do things for profit. Moreover, there is nothing beneficial in providing services without personal interest. Security is the burning issue nowadays, and people are not even aware of what they upload to the Internet.

Week 5

You are the CEO of a start-up firm offering a compelling product to improve an organization’s information security.  How may you address the issues raised in questions 2 and 3 of the Example Case Questions on page 270. Justify your position.

The size of the vendor matters, because the bigger the company is, the more severe the attempts are to take its business out of competition. Besides, the database is more valuable and products are of greater popularity. Therefore, there arises a need to protect all information available. To improve security, it is essential to create special software, which would be hard to access and which would be controlled only within the enterprise. I would trust an experienced company, which has already received feedback from its previous customers. It is important before making a decision as there is a high risk of fraudulence and my data can be used against me.

Week 6

What lessons did you learn from reading about the incident? Why are these lessons important to you?

This case study explains how important it is not to violate any rules or laws. Additionally, it teaches us to understand that all our deeds have consequences, which are sometimes negative. Illegal using of the material under protection is a crime that refers to someone stealing others’ property. I find suspension the best punishment for irresponsible Internet hackers. The essence of the chapter is to understand the seriousness of cyber theft.

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Week 7

Based on the incident, what specific policy recommendations would you recommend for the company to prevent damage from similar attacks in the future?  Why do you see that the proposed policy recommendations would be beneficial? Justify your recommendation

It is strongly recommended to have different and complicated passwords for different accounts in any social network or emails. By doing so, the risk of stealing all information and using against your company can be eliminated. Not only passwords have to be complicated, but computers must have security software so there is no chance of hacking it and using the data. It is important to invest in creating new programs, which would strengthen security systems. The benefit is obvious as long as the data stays inside the company. So, possibly the competitors will not be able to shut down your business.


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