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As You like It

The play As You like is a pastoral comedy written by William Shakespeare. This work is based on the theme of romance and the main character is a lady called Rosalynde. It’s a very interesting story to watch especially when it comes to the point at which Rosalind had to run away from his uncle’s custody to a place later called Forest of Arden. It’s here I find the play too interesting to resist watching since the main character expects worse of her in the foreign land but everything turned in her favor. She found the new place secure and eventually found her love. It’s the play that keeps the audience always wanting for more episodes to unfold. I like it so much.

I like the way the writer picks his settings which he keeps shifting. The play is set in Duchy in France but I can see most of the actions taking place in Forest of Arden. This breaks the monotony which makes me comfortable to watch without growing tired. Watching Fredrick exiling his older brother Duke senior, I feel sorry for Rosalind. She has now no otherwise than being in court to take care of his uncle’s (Fredrick) only child Celia. It looks too sad and unfair to send the father away into exile and indirectly exile the daughter in the house to babysitter your own child.

The turn of the events in the play become interesting when Orlando, a young gentleman of the kingdom is persecuted by his own older brother. As the events unfold it looks more interesting to me to watch Orlando and Rosalind falling in love. The two are abused in the play by their seniors but they manage to love one another. They are very clever because immediately they realize their love, the run away into Forest of Arden together with Celia and Jester Touchstone. This is for the sake of their life since the uncle may come for them.

I like the way they searched for their destination. To avoid suffering in any foreign land, they decided to follow Rosalind’s father and is supporters into Forest of Arden. It’s very clear that the leadership of the uncle is too inhuman that even his own daughter runs away from him. She is a poor lady and a stranger in the foreign land. Duke senior’s supporter Jaques is interesting. A whole man is weeping on the slaughter of a deer. It’s much interesting to me.

It’s here in the Forest of Arden that Rosalind explores love in the full length. Am not happy with the way men are fighting for Rosalind in the presence of the father. The father also joins this other men in designing and singing love poems for her daughter. It doesn’t sound good to me to see the father sitting together with suitors singing loves to his daughter. Is he assisting these men to lure his daughter or he is protecting his daughter from these hungry men? Who is fooling who? I don’t understand the intention of the father.

There is change of character’s identity. I see Orlando changing the name but maintaining his role in the play. He only pretends to be Ganymede and begins to pursue for Rosalind who also pretends to be marriage counselor. Celia takes a false identity of Aliena and falls in love with Oliver. In the final scene I can see all the characters marrying one another. This is like the mission they went for in exile. Rosalind’s father is seen repenting his faults and forgiving his brother for the wrong that he did to him.

He and Jaques turn into religious life but Jaques remains in the forest as Fredrick goes back to the court to stay with brother. This seems to be turning point to every character in the play. Its interesting that in exile is where people realizes their mistakes and repent as others find love in exile than in home country. This is ironical to me.


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