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A hero is described as a person with admired deeds or actions that shows great courage. Its true Achilles was admired and was the greatest fighter for the Greeks and through that he also showed greater courage (Adderley, 48). He was thought of being a lion-like and being that human. According to sarpedons speech, Achilles was described as a man that leads most wars and was respected for being brave. When a leader faces death threats he or she gains more honor and for Achilles, he faced many death threats and managed to survive earning him heroic figure in the community as Sarpedon states. .Achilles was termed a half-divine hero for he was the son of sea nymph Thetis and Peleus king of Thessaly (Adderley, 56).

Heroes stories have been centre of each and every culture throughout the history. There are some vast differences amongst legends since they are serving each particular need from the cultures. Most of things may change e.g. settings, events and characters but the heroes will remain the same for all. Being a universal hero one is questionable in moral standing; the person doesn’t choose to be a hero or decides to be a leader but is chose by greater force of the people to become one or perhaps chosen by God (Adderley, 58).

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A leader or hero performs same three tasks in fulfilling destiny in handing down by the divine inspiration, hero then undertakes journey where great sacrifices made on his side in overcoming difficulty and obstacles; like Odysseus travelling home after Trojan war or Moses who lead his people out of Egypt. Finally, mission is incomplete until there is a message learned throughout and shared for greater good of people whom hero represents. Ultimately, hero success is measured whether legend stands test of time or not.

Moses fought pharaoh in the desert to protect his people and himself during their long journey home. Odysseus in other hand took long journey home and battled Poseidon, the sea, his people and him en route. Not only the story of odyssey and exodus are similar, the heroes in the story share many same attributes and the behaviors. Both had murderous pasts and were chosen by their God or gods being the saviors of people. Each of the heroes had a direct limitation which interfered directly with mission completion assigned to them. Through the help of God Moses and Odysseus ultimately acquired faith of being successful regardless of obstacles ahead of them. As compared to today’s heroes, they had a similarity of not giving up in their endeavors (Adderley, 52). Major similarities between Moses and Odysseus are primarily contextual. Both are made of same staff. Also these heroes are universal and exist in any of the cultures depending on time or context. They are described as generic hero formula and it still holds true today, simply inserting few particulars of fairly accurate in bibliography that a hero is derived.

Moses was described as a hero when young. He murdered Egyptian pestering a Jew. He was contradicting for he acted as a savior that killed. His actions served as a metaphor for Moses and eventual freeing of Jews from Egypt. While on the other side, Odysseus was mostly prone to burning, raping and pillaging villages and the behavior was questioned for any leader who is entitled in bringing peace to the society (Agoy, 159). However his arête was proved to be useful in the defeat of monsters and killing suitors taking over his palace. In both Greek and Hebrew, the character was highly accepted from their leaders or heroes especially since gods had ordained it. In early years heroes were instrument of gods and equally important to cultures. As Moses was picked by his God to lead people (Jews) through the desert to safe haven. Similarly to that Athena had earlier visited Odysseus regularly under Zeus consent and different disguises (Agoy, 162).

Gilgamesh was a warrior and he was gigantic and had strength that slays away enemies in piles. Being a promethean figure and hero, he stole the art in civilization of mankind. When Sumerians were talking about their culture and where it came from, Gilgamesh was the main source or origin of all that. As a hero he was an unruly and unsanctified saint George and he is remembered as a contemporary figure such as Ramses the great who were conquers of and the boosted about their fame. He was very lustful and through that he became something akin to fisher king and reaches end of all heroism only finding out we are but mortals.

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Gilgamesh was a longest serving hero that ever lived. He was vital to most of the cultures over millennium. Only the fragments of his tale are remaining and it is full of mysterious references that are not understood. Some of the episodes are lost and his story not that popular. Fragmentary cuneiform texts states, surviving in some three different languages and produces some distortion because some episodes treated at length which others aren’t. Bravery, strength, loyalty and shrewdness are the main characters found in a hero of epic in narrative (Agoy, 164).

Bilbo Baggins is in fact sometimes being considered as an anti-hero and differences between his nature and classic hero’s. Bilbo goes through many changes at the end of the narrative. Bilbo and had homers Ulysses or Achilles that happens in hobbit. Another feature Bilbo shares classic hero is fact that he is very astute (Agoy, 169). Bilbo and classic hero not especially intelligent erudite thinking fast enough that get out situations which they are in.


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