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The masque of the red earth falls under the allegory category. There are sets of signs that have been used to indicate the message displayed. The allegory falls under two categories entailing the symbolic and the literal meaning. The action occurs at the prince Prospero castellated abbey. There is a castle, which has been boarded and believed to have caused the death of citizens in the prince Prosperos kingdom. The symbolic meaning has phenomena such as the philosophical concepts. The red death is a representation of how death is inevitable irrespective of the status of any individual. The story also gives a meaning in which the Prospero’s arrogance causes the wealth to keep a bay the phenomena of the world. This has made him to be less concerned about the plight of the rest of the society. He turns his lifestyle to be self centred where he looks towards ensuring that this needs such as security and wellness are well catered for.

The rooms are arranged in such a manner that they take a series form. This indicates the various stages that one experiences in life. The rooms are made by Poe to run from east to west that symbolizes the cycle of the day when the sun rises and sets. S it tends toward the night; this is a symbolism of death. There is a clock in one of the visitors room that symbolizes the death that

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Poe describes a scenario where the rich live in an autocratic lifestyle whereas the poor continue to suffer. The feudal imagery describes vividly what is experienced in the contemporary society. This indeed happened during the Bubonic plague in Europe in the 14th century that confounded the continent. Due to the fact that the Red Death attacks the rich and the poor, it is a clear manifestation of the egalitarianism envisaging in the society. The emasquerade ball portrayal indicates the happening of ‘The cask of Amontillado’. This incident happened in a span of less than a year after the incident of the `The masque of the Red death happened’ (Mosley, 121). It is seen that the celebration of the Italian celebration was associated with the drunken revelry. The masquerade itself is seen to be infected by the plaque.

The utmost believe by prince Prospero to be immortal is exhibited when he invites other citizens in the odd fortressed castle mostly from the `knights and dames of his court, so as they can try to inhibit death from taking place. Despite that, the prince having vast wealth he still succumbs to death. The red death manifests as prince Prospero has a party and it is at the party that there is a tall and gaunt shrouded person right from the head to the up to the foot. The prince vesture is dubbed in blood having his face sprinkled using a scarlet horror. This indication elucidates the start of death to all individuals. The prosperous guests are left unnoticed. This suffices that the death of feudalism where the poor work whereas the rich get the money.

In the masque of the Red Death, irony is manifested itself; castle was built by the prince to thwart the red death. The castle is surrounded by the very tall walls and strong gates. There are the guests. Who are believed to have brought hammers and the massy hammers so as the weld the bolts and avoid any ingress from taking place’. (Poe,144). It becomes ironical as the castle could not keep the death a bay instead the guest find themselves captives of the Red Death.

Another situational irony that manifests itself is the action in which the prince makes his guest to forget about death. This is as a result of failure of the `novel effects’ and `sharp turns’ which fails to give a comfort to them. More over the guests are prevented from death by putting shrouded black velvet which was hanging over the walls. This is a weird way in which the guest are prevented from death

There are also symbolism actions that manifest in the `Masque of the Red Death’ The red death is symbol of unavoidable nature of death. There are disease descriptions emanating from tuberculosis that are strongly believed to have killed a lot of people around Poe. This related to the Black Death that occurred in the middle of Europe that killed a lot of citizens. The castle represents the ability to prevent death. It is noted that regardless of the financial influence, all human beings succumb to death (Poe, 147). The act of prince Prospero symbolizes the death of feudalism. This is because Prince was only concentrating in protecting the rich while he leaves the peasants to languish in poverty. This Black Death is seen to have reduced the number of labours in Europe that called for the end of feudalism. The ebony that is presence reminds that death is always coming and no one can avoid it.This was manifested by the fact that the revellers were unable from stopping the pendulum from swinging. In addition, the red colour symbolizes the death.

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There are various themes which are manifested in the `masque of the Red Death’. It is worth to note that death is inevitable. This is displayed by various actions in which the prince tries to avoid death but all become futile. He is constantly reminded by the ebony clock movement on its pendulum. In addition, it is evident that the control of a given situation is usually an illusion. This is manifested by the actions of Prince Prosperos who strongly believes he can control death from taking place. The aspects of feudalism is also manifested where by the leaders are not keen to look after their subjects. Prince Prospero protects the people who do not really the protection and leaves out the peasants who are in dire need of protection.


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