“The Egg”

“Father came upstairs to mother and me with an egg in his hand. I do not know what he intended to do. I imagine he had some idea of destroying it, of destroying all eggs, and that he intended to let mother and me see him begin. When, however, he got into the presence of mother”

The phrase explains that how much difficult is the life of the Americans for the food, money. All of the Americans thought that why they came into this world we are just like the Egg. Peoples destroying the Eggs but we cannot destroyed by it self. Human nature does not like the hard work and want the entire things in an easy way.

“I came wriggling and crying into the world. Something happened to the two people. They became ambitious. The American passion for getting up in the world took possession of them”.

The Americans have their dreams about the money, job, food, and their desired things which measure them. All the Americans have their dream just to rule over the world. Americans want to rule over the world and want their leadership. Their life style is difficult but desires are unlimited. Americans want to take a good step in the life.

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“One unversed in such matters can have no notion of the many and tragic things that can happen to a chicken”.

TheAmericans want their life easy but is not an easy task because there is a crime war like things, which suffers life ofall human beings. The life of the human is just like the Egg nobody knows where the life is in Egg or not.


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