“Where Are You Going?”

This research paper attempt to look at the relationship between males and females based on the analysis of two fictions, Joyce carol Oates “where are you going?” and Kate Chopin’s “the story of an hour”. An extensive exploration of the two fictions has been made attempting to identify the existing relationship between males and females in a social setting. Further exploration of other writers work has also been necessary to support the opinions from these two writers. Additionally, it has also been found to be imperative to involve some people in a research to collect first hand views in a real setting. This has been achieved through conducting a survey in a social setup to come up with realistic information on the relationship between males and females.

The objectives of this research paper are to determine the existing relationships between males and females as indicated in two fictions, Joyce carol Oates “where are you going?” and Kate Chopin’s “the story of an hour”.

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Females are in most cases repressed and dominated by males who they develop a close relationship with.

The perception of the relationship between males and females in Kate Chopin’s “the story of an hour”, the male and female generally believe that they are entitled to the rights of imposing their private will on fellow creatures. According to the argument of Chopin, time is used as a social situation to represent a woman as being a prisoner to her husband. A marriage is taken not to be a situation of mutual love between males and females and the writer perceives the institution of marriage in the form a situation to offer monetary comfort, acceptance as well as social status. Kate Chopin’s “the story of an hour” does have an indication of children and therefore the sexual aspect of the relationship of males and females is missing in his writings (Chopin, 145-67).

The author indicates that women are often trapped in marriage. They are perceived as being hysterical, weak, timid, emotionally weak and irrational and this aspect makes them to be submissive to male. Women are named after their husbands and their identity are closely linked to their husbands and they are considered as the properties of their husbands. Once the marriage becomes unattractive to the females as it sometimes happen, the woman feels enslaved by the man any cause of separation is taken as a chance to gaining of freedom. This situation is normally expected to upset and break the heart of the woman. The indication of the author of the relationship of females and males is that the females are commonly repressed and they are forced to bend to the wills of their husbands.

It is just natural that a working relationship which is totally one sided is not practical. The indication of Chopin about the life of the females is that they can also live without the interference of men. Men are seen to impose restrictions of freedom to women and they receive unfair treatments when they engage in to a relationship with men. This situation is even sometimes extended to the society. It becomes very difficult for a male to provide for a concrete example of the position of a female in the society (Chopin, 145-67)..

This is a situation that arises out of the social order that is evident across the entire society and it is the duty of the society to preserve this form of natural order. This is achieved through the appreciation of the fact that men shall always remain to be men while the women shall always remain to be women. But it has not been the case with the radical feminists as they always try to avoid respecting the preservation of the natural order and the biological status quo addressing women being subordinates to men.

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Male are usually exposed to a certain type power of controlling, dominating and exploiting their female counterparts who they have a close relationship with. There are certain resources that facilitate for this particular type of domination, which include their status, physical makeup, level of intelligence, internalunity, and sometimes wealth. The possession of power by male over the female facilitates that they are able to demand and get all what they require from the females and they tend to be more satisfied with the relationships while the females may have a feeling of repression, they therefore advocate for the maintenance of the status quo while the female continuously struggle to escape from this relationship. The females may be enduring some pressures for a change in the relations of power. In some cases as has been presented in Kate Chopin’s “the story of an hour”, the desire of the females is to live without the relationships with male to avoid the repression that they are forced to go through (Chopin, 145-67).


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