“Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers”

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The article “Stop delighting your customers” aims at discouraging organizations and companies from engaging in activities that would purposely focus towards delighting their customers only. The article encourages such organizations and corporations to participate in activities that enhance employee productivity and customer satisfaction which will eventually make the customers remain loyal to them. This essay, therefore, aims at identifying and assessing the management skills and organizational principles that would enable companies to meet the said objectives.

For a company to provide quality services that will improve their customers’ loyalty, this article gives an impression that the management should focus on making it easy for the customers to access their services and to ensure that they have excellent services. A customer who does not go through a hectic process to get the services they are seeking for would be much delighted and therefore remain faithful to such a service provider. Besides, such devoted customer can recommend the company or organization to his/her friends, acquaintances or relatives and assure them in getting good and adequate service there. (Dixon, Freeman, & Toman, 2010)

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In this regard, companies should, therefore, assess their mode of service delivery and remove any obstacles that the customers could be encountering while accessing the services.

In this manner, to enhance customer loyalty Dixon et al. (2010) suggests that organizational principles such as communication must be employed efficiently and effectively. In other words, proper communication with clients does not only make them happy with the services they receive, but it also creates a good relationship between the organization and its customers. With the above mentioned organizational principle, a company can deliver services as per the customer’s request to his/her satisfaction. For instance, by way of an effective and efficient communication, an organization can inform its customer about the services they are offering and even suggest other similar and better services that the customer may not have known. Besides, it can also help to improve the services provided due to the feedback that customers leave on different informational platforms.

Leadership as an organizational principle is another aspect that would highly affect productivity and managerial efficiency. Good leadership in an organization will help the organization coordinate properly in all its sectors of production to service delivery. Good leadership would also regard its employees highly understanding that good service to the customers would be dependent of how the employees get treated. Where there is good leadership in an organization, the employees would be able to team up with ease to meet the common objective of the organization hence improving customer’s satisfaction.

In my opinion, for any organization in the hospitality industry to be successful, it is paramount that it does not only delight their customers but ensure that it provides satisfying services that improve their customers’ loyalty. The hospitality industry is an area where it focuses on providing services directly to the people. Such an industry, therefore, should have good, friendly and appealing communication with its customers (Pathak, 2014). This principle, as highlighted in this paper, will not only make the customers be informed about the services they are expecting, but it would also make it easier for the customer to make an informed choice.

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In conclusion, as outlined in the article ‘Stop trying to delight your customers’ we have established that though many organizations would focus on activities that create a good public relation between them and their customers, such activities do not ensure and guarantee customers’ loyalty to the company. The article established that good services and products would go a long way in ensuring customers’ loyalty as many customers are much interested in the services they receive, how they receive them and how easily they obtain them.


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