Job Analysis, Evaluation, and Structure

Job analysis is crucial for human resource managers in particular and for the organization in general. However, some experts might argue that it is a colossal waste of their own time and the time of their employees. Thus, Saha and Gregar (2012) are of the opinion that an organization can achieve success only if it realizes the importance of knowledge and competent employees. Opinions differ, but one can surely say that job analysis is an irreplaceable part of everyday management practices and it is as crucial for organizational productivity as employee motivation.

Any company may have numerous assets and property, but it may not be successful because of the inability to manage its resources efficiently as well as to make well-reasoned managerial decisions. Human resources are the key element to a company’s success and competitive advantage. To understand each position within an organization, its executives should use job analysis in practically every human resource effort because it outlines the most important criteria that they should use while making the decisions regarding recruitment, selection, performance, motivation, and employee retention. Moreover, organizations should hire people taking into account not only their professional qualification and skills but also their cultural fit.

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In the modern world, more and more organizations pay attention to strategic human resources management (SHRM) that presupposes the macro-organizational approach to conducting the role of human resources management. SHRM aims at helping companies meet the needs of their employees while promoting the companies’ goals. Therefore, job analysis and job evaluation are important in this context too. Further, Saha and Gregar (2012) mention that “HRM proves to be the key factor for increasing employees’ productivity, meaning that HR practices turn employees into resource of development” and that can be achieved only using full and valid HR information provided by job analysis and evaluation.

Job analysis can help to promote diversity at a workplace. Diverse workforce can improve employees’ productivity at all levels. Moreover, managers have a great opportunity to find out the needs and preferences of their clients. When a company values diversity and equality, it understands the desires and needs of the customers better and it can improve the quality of its goods or services accordingly. In this context, job analysis provides all necessary information; besides that, it can help in the case a company is challenged legally (Chelan, 2011).

Job analysis is mainly used to find the right people for a company. It enables organizations to create much better selection techniques as well as productive training and human resource development programs, with the help of which employees are able to realize their personal and professional goals along with the goals of their organization (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2013). The information gathered during a job analysis process is also widely used to determine job requirements, salaries, training needs, or performance appraisals. Business success can also be achieved with the help of individual and team reward strategies. These strategies are important because organizational success highly depends on the employees’ satisfaction and their desire to dedicate themselves to the achieving of organizational goals (Cacioppe, 1999). Sometimes, there are complaints that recruiters do not know or do not understand the position and the requirements for it. It is another reason to conduct job analysis for a recruiter to understand the duties of the position better, which will facilitate the recruitment /selection process.

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To sum up, it should be mentioned that job analysis plays an important role in everyday management activities. The data gained through it are used for introducing HR development programs, performance appraisals. Job analysis is also used for creating better selection techniques, promoting workplace diversity, determining salaries and job requirements. Therefore, job analysis is not a colossal waste of time, although it can be difficult and sometimes time-consuming. Moreover, it is crucial for hiring and retaining the right people for an organization and that, in its turn, predetermines future organizational success or failure.


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