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I strongly believe that most terrorist groups given options on which weapons they could use in their terror activities they would prefer to use biological weapons. Biological weapons are of various types with some being able to inflict much pain on their victims while others may not be such painful. The main reason why terrorists may choose to use bioterrorism is because of their potential to kill in large numbers if effectively launched. Terrorists are always targeting people as the top priority. Their main aim is to make people suffer and in mass numbers. Biological weapons may take a long time to discover and take action, for instance, Pavlin (1999) gives an instance of the salmonellosis outbreak in Oregon which took months to discover (Pavlin, 1999).

Another reason which makes bioterrorism an effective weapon is the complexion associated with the strains of the organisms which are used to carry out the contamination. If a very dangerous organism is used it may kill a good number of people before doctors are able to come up with the vaccine. It should be appreciated that a developing a vaccine has its own due procedures which ought to adhered to lest it backfires and causes more deaths. This means that if a biological weapon with an ability of causing death over short periods of time is introduced in a given area it might effectively bring down a lot of people before it duly controlled (Albarelli, 2010).

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Rempfer (2009) presents a very sober and clear argument on the use of anthrax vaccine in the military. He clearly shows the challenges the program has initially faced. Through this article a reader gets to understand the challenges and difficulties involved in coming up with a vaccine and equally the logistics involved too (Rempfer, 2009).

Though initially the program had been faced with severe opposition from the public and was at the verge of failing, it is important that enough resources are allocated to the program to enable the scientist come up with a vaccine which meets the expected standards of drugs. The government should take not chances with the lives of thousands of service men across America. It will be important that the vaccine is viewed as one of the safety measures taken to safeguard the interest of the military personnel. It should be understood that the military personnel operate under risky situations especially when they are in the real battle field outside America. The anthrax should therefore be taken as a safety measure to safeguard the lives of the military personnel in case they are faced with a biological weapon attack.

The issue of the vaccine being mandatory should not arise because it will be for the safety of the service men. If a proper vaccine is developed which satisfactorily meets the set standards for drugs then it is obvious that it will be safe to be used by the military men hence it will be easily accepted by the military personnel as a safety measure for their lives.

Bioterrorism is one of the greatest challenges in the modern day terrorism. First, it is hard to detect a case of bioterrorism making it hard to come up with a vaccine for an outbreak. The strains used in the manufacture of the biological weapons are mutant to vaccination making it quite hard to come up with the vaccine. The fact that this weapon target the human beings are mostly contagious makes it even more dangerous.

It important therefore that the government should support all the efforts which are aimed are coming up with a vaccine for the possible organism which are known to be used in the manufacture of the biological weapons. People who are overly prone to be attacked by the biological weapons should be vaccinated.


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