Police Department

There have been numerous reports that concerned the use of force by the police department and lack of handling service calls appropriately. This has led the general public to be concerned with the insensitivity in the police department, thus airing their views of mistreatment by the force through the electronic and print media. This report will focus on the measures that should be implemented in carrying out reforms in the police department to regain the confidence of the public to the police force. An investigation has to be carried out in regard to the use of force policies and procedures, training investigation and complaint handling, which will be based on recommendations necessary to reform implementation that will monitor and manage the use of force.

There will be a documentation of incidents that will be developed as a policy of use of the force report, which will require notifications to supervisor following any use of force or allegation of excessive use of force. This will require the supervisor to respond to the scene of use of force, and ensure that the investigative team is notified to indicate the potential conduct of the officer (Civil Right Division, 2011). The investigative force must be impartial, fair and professional in reviewing discharges by firearms. Through out the course of investigation, there will be consultations to recognize the investigative process to the conclusion of a criminal or administrative charge.

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The officer of the police force will be required to produce identifications and their name to persons that will request it. This will enable the formation of programs that allow the person to make claims regarding the officers’ performance through the introduction of facts forms and posters to the public. The officers will be required to carry brochures at all times of duty, and inform the public that they have the right to lodge complaints regarding the conducts of officers without prohibition in any manner. Initiation of the complaint will be made possible through the verbal, post and electronic mail, and the investigation of the anonymous complaints, in order to initiate evidence. There will be an initiation of telephone 24h to lodge complain against the conduct of an officer (YEOMANS, et al., 2001).

The investigation of the misconduct will enhance the development and the implementation of timely consultation with the investigative team to monitor, so as to ensure that the officers are equipped with adequate training, which will in turn enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the officers while carrying out their duties (Civil Right Division, 2011). This will include the use of force reporting, individual transportation, canine deployment procedures and interrogation of witnesses ethically and sensitively. There will be the development of a manual that will enable the conducting of investigation, which will aid the investigator in collecting data through interviews and the preparation of an investigative report.

A continued finding will be based on the preponderance of the evidence standards, and the development of policies that will improve these standards. The relevant evidence in the investigation will include the physical and direct evidence, circumstance making determinations that are credible when they are found to be feasible. The investigation of misconduct will, thus, be resolved through the deposition of unfolded when there are no facts that support that an incident occurred. It is deemed sustainable where the allegation has concrete evidence that indeed the conduct of the officer was improper. Also, insufficient facts where the incident occurred will be considered. Finally, officers will be exonerated where the evidence indicates that it did occur, but there was no violation of policies and procedures (Police Practices and Civil Rights).

These dispositions will be rendered at any case before its closure, and complaint withdrawal will not render the closure of the case without further attempts to investigate. All the misconducts will be identified by the commanders to focus on the underlying problems and the needs that require training and the appropriate disciplinary action. There is a commitment to develop a database that will help in maintaining, integration and retrieval of data that are necessary to supervising and managing the police force, as it will promote the integrity of the civil rights and the best practices of the force.

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There will be the development of the canine training which will help to plan lessons that will identify the objectives and mission enhancing the consistence with the policies of canine. This will be done by hiring only professional canines with annual re-certifications and giving the refresher trainings. This will render to the elimination of canines, due to their failure to meet the requirements of the training.

There will be a development of distinctive units in law enforcement missions and regular screen of the unprepared officers. This will help in developing a unit of competent and seasoned officers with up-to-date training and clean records. There will be a disqualification to officer deemed to have used questionable force or generation of force that is alleged to be excessive (YEOMANS, et al., 2001).

There will be a provision to the public with reports on statistics of incidents of use of the force, which will cover the entire area, and indicating the race and ethnicity of the subject of the force, and the enforcement action that were taken regarding the incident. It will include the statistics of the investigation conducted, the outcome, and the number of complaint of force, and the number of complaints held by each of these dispositions.

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There will be the establishment of an independent monitoring body that will be reviewing and reporting the implementations and compliance with the laid down policies and procedures. They will be appointed among the different law enforcement practices experts. The monitor will have to associate with institutions, individuals and entities that are deemed necessary in carrying out the task of monitoring to be performed. The monitor will carry the duties that will be conferred upon and will not take the role of other officers in the law enforcement.


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