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The political identity, as depicted in the Chants Democratic, was based on the economic class of the people, which included the masters, the journeymen, and the common laborers. It has explored the creation of the working class in the political life from different points of view. Politics, in the 18th and early 19th, century was dominated by the upper class, who owned industries. The political intent, in the early years of the industrial revolution, was characterized by the close relationships, which existed between the masters and the journeymen. The industries wage rate was relatively high. The relationship shifted as the masters saw the journeymen converting to small masters, and this led to subdivision of labor and fixation of wages that deterred the journeymen from converting to small masters. The politics of the early age were dominated by the financial elite, who changed the rules of the country to fit their own interests. This agitated the journeymen, due to lower wages that prompted them to create communal cooperation, to fight for their rights. The formation of these unions, which were focused on the idea of equal rights, had an effect on the political scene due to the emergence of radical groups, advocating the right of the working class.

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The movements of the working class articulated the threat, which was posed by the masters and their enterprises on the republic, as resisted the economic and the political changes, which were usually crafted and endorsed by the masters. The hostility of the master and the journeymen increased, leading to the elimination of the elite class from the public life, and thus, by the late 1850s, the authority of the masters had been completely removed from political decision making. This enabled the political class to gain power; support came from the rich elite, and journeymen took over the career of the politicians.

The economic relationships, in late 1700 and early 1800, attracted many people to work due to transformation of the market and transportation sector. This caused altering of the relationship that existed between the masters and the journeymen, due to the increased intensiveness of industries. The employers had provided the craftsmen with employment opportunities .The expansion of industries in the early 1800s, however, led to masters’ engaging in labor subdivisions, which caused the violation of the structures of the crafts. This made sure that the crafts could not become masters, as even the small masters were struggling to keep up with the changing economy. The close relation of the masters was reduced as they embraced the laissez faire entrepreneurial opportunities, which led to journeymen wages being lowered, which accelerated the gap between the two classes. The striking difference, in occupation and interests, was the core aspect. This led to journeymen to gain the republicanism definition that emerged from the resentment of craftsmen difference and republican fear of trade. The individual abilities were respected by the craftsmen, who insisted on mutuality and cooperation in the equal rights and citizenship.

They preserved the rule of virtue to protect the collective interest against the financial elite, who were corruptible. This was a beginning of unions, which were created to advocate the exploitation of journeymen and craftsmen, which established a strong working class. This was the transition of the European labor traditions to the industrialized and socially aligned capitalist democracy in New York. This made the politicians’ interests and those of the masters to conform to those of the working class.

The relationship of the masters and the journeymen, in the early age, was above average in comparison to the masters conditions. The journeymen had been economically empowered resulting to this journeymen converting to small masters of their own industries. The shift in the economic changes affected the wages of the journeymen, as the masters also resorted to classifying labor, based on their interests. The wages of the journeymen were driven down to levels, which were the same as the ones of the general laborers, which led to the emergence of new forms of work for the marginalized workers.

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The living conditions of the journeymen were deteriorated to the level that made them aggrieved, this, in turn, led to the emergence of a collective working class. The ideology of the working class emerged due to their consciousness and awareness of a political program, through the creation of the new structures, unions, and intention to benefit societies. This was used to change the relations of production where they were opted for by political parties. The approach of the journeymen toward the rights of the working class was characterized by socialism, as the main objective was to eliminate the capitalist model in the economy and the political scene.

By early 1850s, the journeymen unions had managed to change the social, economic, and political settings in the country, as their unions had managed to change both economic and political structures, eliminating the concentration of the masters in the public scenes. This movement saw the journeymen, who were deprived of their rights by the masters, become small masters, occupy the public life, and shape the structures of the industries in relation to the rights of the working class. The working class had failed to achieve most goals politically and economically, it served in the most fierce and popular engagement that restructured the nation’s political and economic structures. The vision of the democratic society, thus, had balanced the rights of individuals with the communal responsibilities of independence. This saw the journeymen and the working class win their pursuit in terms of politics and happiness that were undertaken for the public good and not for personal gains. The ideas of radical journeymen and small masters were defined, upon which a new republic was formed that catered for the interests of the working class and the masters.


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