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The second division of the democratic values is the constitutional principles. These include: the rule of law that requires all people to respect the law and people are expected to control the military in order to preserve democracy; and the separation of power between the executive, judiciary and legislative branches, as a result of which each arm of government has the power to check the actions of the other arms of government. Thirdly, people have the right to elect their leaders to represent them in government. The Constitution provides that individual rights, such as the right to live, liberty, speech, pursuit of happiness among others, outlined in the Bill of Rights should be protected by the state. Additionally, the Constitution states that every person has the right to practice a religion of choice or none without intimidation from the government. Lastly, the Constitution outlines that the state and the federal government should share resources and power as per the requirements of the Constitution.

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There has been a great change in the American democratic values since the society has become more enlightened of their rights. Most of the people in the United States uphold and respect the rule of law, hence making the government accountable for its actions. Because of the pressure from the people and civil societies, the government has tried as much as possible to act as per the interest of the people. Therefore, upholding of the democratic values have greatly contributed to the development and strengthening of the American politics and economy.

In the modern era, the American public administration is democratic as opposed to the traditional bureaucratic system of governance. This is because in the modern day people seeking public office are treated equally regardless of sex, age, race and religion. All people undergo the same interview and public examination. In the past, people seeking public office jobs were discriminated according to their sex and race. Additionally, the civil societies in the past were not influential in that those people in power did not address their grievances. On the contrary, in the modern world the allegations and issues raised by the civil society and scholars are taken in to account by the government. The development of democracy has helped build the confidence of the American people in the administration system, hence making the people feel secure and live within a stable economy. Bureaucracy is now a part of history in the American public administration, since people have the knowledge of their fundamental rights and freedoms and are aware of the possible course of action in case their constitutional privileges are infringed.

We can, therefore, conclude that the fundamental beliefs and constitutional principles have helped develop the American political system from bureaucratic system of administration to a democratic system of governance.


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