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Buddhism, bases its faith on the Dhama or the “Four Noble Truths”, which include Dukka, Tanha, Nirodha and the Noble Paths. According to the Buddha the four tenets are for helping Buddhist to escape from the rebirth or samsara. Those who escape samsara are able to achieve Nirvana. This implies escaping from pain and sorrows to achieve a state of happiness or bliss. Nirvana is a concept however, is understood differently among the Buddhist faith. The different interpretations of Nirvana have lead to the different schools of thought in Buddhism. Buddhism can be divided into three main schools of thought, and they include Theravada, Mahayana and Tibetan or Vajrayana. The split of Buddhism into the three major groups can be attributed to the differences of his sanghas (Ashcroft, 2007).

Buddha’s death resulted in conflicting interpretation of his teachings by his original followers the sangha begun to disagree over their teacher’s words and meaning. Buddha had taught his sanghas the path to enlightenment and tasked to spread his teachings but they begun to disagree over Buddha teachings. They could not completely agree on the Buddha’s words or his meaning. Thus, they begun to interpreted his teachings differently, resulting in the different schools of thought found in Buddhism. Their difference can be credited to the fact that, during Buddha’s teaching, the sangha did not write down his words and teachings, but mainly relied on oral preservation. As a result, conflicts arose among the monasteries on the interpretation of Buddha’s words and teaching (Coward, H. G., Phinit, R., & University of Victoria, 1999).

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I consider Buddhism captivating, that is why I have chosen this religion. Their beliefs are not diverted because people strictly believe in their practices and culture. Buddhism differs from Christianity. Christian people have weakness to betray their original beliefs. As a result, disagreement between Christians occurs, as they begin to believe in different things. For instance, in Buddhism, everybody realizes that karma exists. This means that every action has its consequences for the person who does the action.

There is another reason why I chose Buddhism and it is its contribution to meditation and liberation. Yoga activities helped religion to achieve this result. In order to be engaged into Yoga activities, it is not necessary to be a Buddhist. Yoga is vital for everyone who has a desire to get to know himself from the inside. It also helps to overcome difficulties in one’s life, especially those who are always stressed. The process of meditation cannot fully exist without Yoga. Yoga was discovered thanks to Buddhism and still continues its positive contributions. (White, 2009).

In the Buddhism religion, health care is drawn from the beliefs of Buddha. He believed that pain and suffering were the one way of ensuring that an individual practices his true religion. He viewed suffering as a mannerism of getting closer to God. According to Buddhists, meditation helps in the relaxation of one’s mind. They believe in the fact that a patient’s way of thinking plays a crucial role in their recovery process. In regards to these beliefs, doctors also concur. They agree on the fact that a patient’s way of thinking could directly affect their progress to recovery (Ehman, 2007).

According to Dr. Sathit, the human mind is like a piece of iron whicherodes easily. For instance, if the human mind continuously has negative thoughts, it means that only bad things are bound to happen. However, if the human mind has positive thoughts, it is more likely that a good health will be the result. In this case, the doctor confirms the Buddhism belief in Yoga and the power of meditation towards healing (Bhikshu).

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The Buddhists also tend to feel uncomfortable, if attended a doctor of the opposite sex. This is due to their cultural practices on modesty. Also, it is apparent that most of the Buddhists are vegetarian. This means that some of them may even decline to take any medication whose ingredients are received from animals. This is all in the name of their customs and beliefs. In regards to their meditation, they tend to discourage doctors from attending the patients before their death. This is done under the impression that the doctor or a nurse could be interrupting the meditation of the patient.

All these beliefs and practices of the Buddhist have some legal implications. As a doctor or primary care giver, one has a legal obligation to ensure that they do everything that they can, so as to ensure that the patient in question receives the deserved care. This implies that in the case that the Buddhist’s beliefs interfere with the duties of the care-giver, this could deter the care-giver from fulfilling his or her professional role. As a result, this may lead to some legal implications and most probably a row between the religion and the profession (Harvey, 2006).

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In my opinion, I believe that every person has a right to practice their religion. However, in the case when it interferes with an individual’s life, those practices need to be stopped. After all, an individual’s life is sacred. Therefore, Buddhists need to appreciate the fact that primary care-givers must perform their obligation in the provision of quality health care services.


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