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Religion over time can be described as a necessary evil according to a scholar; it has contributed to enormous brainwashing of individuals and thus made them follow strict doctrines and rules just to attain a promised heaven. In trying to answer the question “Does Islamic Revivalism challenge a stable world order?” one cannot ignore the facts of the obvious holy war known as Jihad that has been subject to debate on its links to terrorism.

McGlinchey, 2009 in the article “Islamic Revivalism and State Failure in Kyrgyzstan” explores how Islam contributed to the fall of Kyrgyzstan after post soviet collapse. Muslim has been linked to anti-secular, anti-western, and anti-colonial orientations that make it oppose the any changes due to their non compromising stands. Though Islam may be credited for the change in Kyrgyzstan the truth is its involvement in fighting other nations that support western ideologies and their continued oppression of those who do not support their values (Shuja, 2001).

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Mohammad, & Al-Abdullah, (n.d.) in their article “The Internationalization of the Political Islamic Threat to the New World Order: A Revised Image” explains the tainted image of the Islam and their opposition to change; and explains that many Islamic political movements have been involved in the opposing of reintroduction of political dynamics. Esposito, 1999 in the book “The Islamic Threat: Myth or Reality” gives a clear answer to this question. He states a very clear YES which he explains by the held beliefs in Islam such as the Jihad which is misinterpreted to suit terrorist needs.

According to Shuja, (2001) the conflicts and acts of terrorism in the Muslim nations that have continued to be eminent and their strong opposition of the western revolution which is the new order clear define his resentments. Islam as the clash of civilization and its strict rules of oppression as a contribution to the challenge stable world order (Mitchell, & Mitchell, 2007).

Religion has played a significant role in peace building in calling for tolerance among individual and a respect to their beliefs and culture, however Islam has continued to deviate from such teachings and called for a holy war to those who are not in the same faith. This is the greatest challenge to a stable world order and must be handled with care. Numerous terrorist attacks have been executed with aims of fighting those who oppose Allah.

The western civilization has also been greatly opposed by the Muslim leaders who propose their traditional systems that oppress and degrade others. The major oppression has been experience in gender equity where they have no place for the woman. The western order has been seen to advocate equality in gender and the physically disabled. This is a conflict of interest and thus it stands as a war between the two parties; this clearly shows how Islam is a threat to a stable world order.

If recent attacks of militia and terrorist groups all claiming to be Islamic liberation groups such as; Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabab, Taliban, Hamas, and Hezbollah among others throughout the world is anything to go by then Islam is not all about religion. It can be perceived as a cult that aims to eliminate others who have adopted the liberal ways of life and adopted the new world order of civilization. This clearly gives an affirmative YES answer to the question being addressed in this essay which is “Does Islamic Revivalism challenge a stable world order?”

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Any religion that aims to bring stability to the world would not focus on war, terrorism, discrimination, and unrests but rather focus on dialogue that ensures the view of all members are heard and a mutual understanding developed.


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