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Mid-Term Questions From Reading

History concerning the religion of the United States of America began long ago before even the British colonies were referred as the United States of America. This was because a majority of the settlers then were deeply rooted in religion.


Reason why the New England Calvinism did not thwart Universalism, and whether it has a paradigm lesson for the modern church today

England is among the various individuals who came with the protestant denomination to the United States of America. In addition, it laid a lot of efforts in trying to bring the aspect of universalism through New England Calvinism. However, it was not possible to do so due to the infliction experienced due to America’s revolution. This was due to the English monarch at that time that acted as the head to the church. Therefore, the priests needed to swear during their ordination while alleging to the British crown. This had a lot of impact on the New England Calvinism attempt to ensure Calvinism as they did not have all the necessary authority to act. This has a paradigm lesson for the modern church today as it enables them to learn to be independent. In addition, it ensures coming up with own documentations for churches to enable them to have own authority over issues.

The reason as to why New England Puritans, who dissented in England, did not allow dissent in America and why they were so intolerant when they wanted tolerance

Puritans referred to the England Protestants who heard the intention of purifying the Church of England on issues that were viewed as being unacceptable to the Roman Catholic Church. They were dissented in England but not in America because they expelled that in America. Out of their option, they did not want to have dissenters from America. In addition, they were strong supporters of the old world theory that embraced the aspect of uniformity which then made them have the decency in England and not in America.  When they wanted tolerance, they were so intolerant because; they had a strong believe that the Church of England was the true church that needed to be imitates by the other churches. As a result, there was the need to intolerant in some issues that could affect the reputation of the church. From this, they believed that they could get tolerance.


Religion spread fast and led to some ethical groups bringing forth their traditional churches. For instance, the German and English Americans came to the United States of America with the various protestant denominations. This led the United States of America by the 21st century to become one of the most religious nations.



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