Obama Refashions America Old-Time (Civil) Religion

Indeed for who listened to the Obama’s speech on civil religion, there was that ideology that the President presented that tickled the minds of two great Christian writers Daniel Burke and Kervin Eckstrom. In fact the term and meaning of civil religion has brought a huge discussion on the beliefs of the nation on matters of civil religion liberties. Indeed America is a great nation which was founded by the beliefs and ideals of freedom and free will. A nation that is strong on its civil liberties representation and organization. For much the constitution of the United States of America indicates that every American citizen has a right of religious pursuit and the freedom to practice any religion as far as such religion does not go against the fundamental foundations and specifications of the same constitution. Thereby there is no much to intrude in the preservation of civil religion but any nation America has its own civil religion challenges, triumph and statutes. Maybe that is the reason that led to President Obama to give such an intriguing speech.

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Burke and Ecksworth analyzed the key concepts of the speech and indicated that for many reasons the address of Obama on the basis of St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians that America is a young nation and its time to set aside set aside childish things are based on the tidings of the key transcendental declarations that are found in the American constitution. Ideally, what they were analyzing was that such presentations are often forgotten and assumed but are in many ways “granted or inspired”. The basic concept is that Obama’s speech was inclined to the John F. Kennedy’s sprit in the year 1961 when he said that the “rights of man does not come from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God”, (Eckstrom, 2009).

Therefore Obama was reminding Americans that with all rights and freedoms they enjoy, all has been graciously granted hence in every way religion should not be a regulated or allowed ideology but accepted as it forms the foundations of the character and divine power of an individual and of the United States of America, (Eckstrom,2009). President Obama brings into focus such rights when he says that it is time for the country to reaffirm their nationality and chose the better American history, the essentials of the great gift of freedom that everyone is free and equal and all deserve a God given chance for a better future. It’s remarkable that Burke and Ecksworth presented such wonderful assertion of the president to recall the common practice of transfer of power in the American politics which is always conceived to be so sacred. Obama’s assertions provided a different conception of bringing the nation and icons of the nation together for a common good, an essential in civil religion.

Indeed according to Rev. Gilkes, Obama was challenging Americans to be the “We People”. These can be evaluated with the understanding of Obama’s religious background. Obama grew in a protestant environment which believed that America should strive to be an inclusive and humble nation but not a triumphing and elitism. Basically the ideology is that for long America has based its culture on basis of triumph and the analogy of “we are the chosen one”. Thereby the common past religion of reaching for America as the best without undertaking the common values of religion was unfounded but with the belief of the common iconic values and religion that America is a free country where the Hindus, Christians, Jews, Muslims and non-believers have a place and live with mutual interest and respect, (Eckstrom, 2009).

There is much to learn to learn from this argument that even America my face challenges now or in the future the values which will lead us to success will depend on the old culture and religion. Therefore civil religion is a reflection of the basic principle of equality and freewill; that we all have our beliefs and failures hence we should live to und3erstand such concept.


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