St. Clements Chapel

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The beauty with which the interior was designed has served to be a template used for many architectural designs even up to date. The Greek cross provided the template for the interior. The initial floor has however received a new look because of the major modifications which have since been made to it. Before these modifications it had the fine touch of marble blended with very colorful animal designs. The common characteristic decoration of the cathedral was again made on the registry walls. This was evidenced by the fine polychrome marble vanishing on the walls which spurned almost the entire surface. Some of these marbles have been retained to date with very little modification so as to provide the identity with the past and as a way of preserving of culture.

The transepts are characterized by a platform which is slightly inclined, St. Clements chapel and an altar on the right. The altar did preserve some of the records and proof of past events such as the relics of St. Mark which did elaborate and clarify some of biblical and Christian teachings. Similarities and differences to the right transept mark the features of the left transept. Similar in that, the left transept also contains a platform, the platform however differs from the one on the right in terms of their designated purposes. The platform on the left was considered a holy ground meant for servants of the Almighty God. The one on the right was however human authority and was meant to be a standing ground for the Roman royals whenever they wanted to address their people concerning state matters. The left transept also had a chapel only that this particular chapel was not named after St Clement but St Peter who was one of the most prominent Apostles of Christ. Another prominent component of the left transept is a portrait known as Madonna Nicopea, one of the most famous paintings in the world today. It was and still is an iconic representation of the Roman culture. The interior is also adorned with several flashy layers of mosaics which form basis of decorations throughout the whole cathedral. The high value of the decorations was cemented using some of the most expensive earthly elements such as gold. The decorations expand over a surface area of approximately eight thousand meters squared, almost the size of an entire region.

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Located on the eastern wing of the cathedral and with a design which resembles the Latin cross, is the area well known to be a reservation of the clergy; the Presbytery. It was fitted with a void beneath it and its purpose is complemented with the presence of a crucifix on top of an altar. It is from there that the clergy deliver their summons and conduct masses. It is fitted with some statues which showcase the masterpiece of Gothic and Byzantine architectural styles.

Economic and Social importance

Due to its unique architectural design and advancement in age, St. Marks Cathedral has served to attract many tourists who have brought revenue to the region both directly and indirectly. Direct income has been through payment of hotel rents and use of other services while indirect has been through influencing the employment of certain people like the guides. This often leads to growth of the economy in general. Socially, the cathedral has served as a worshiping place to the vast population of the Roman Catholics. It also provides refuge to some of the renowned pieces of art like the portrait of   Madonna Nicopea and also some artifacts like the Tetrarchs and the Narthex. It has also promoted education throughout the world since some pieces of artifacts like the relics of St. Mark have filled some of missing links and answered some of the questions about the past. It is an important landmark in Venice and preserves some bits of the national heritage.


Unique creations like St. Marks Cathedral not only preserves and natures an ancient culture but also serves to satisfy the socio-economic needs of the society in which it is built. Therefore, its maintenance and preservation should be the ultimate priority of those it serves so as to make it last longer as it represents a milestone in human culture. Failure of which will lead to its destruction and eventual collapse with age. This will have grave consequence of erosion of a culture which has been in existent for centuries and denial of future generations the privilege of having an identity with the past.


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