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There are a number of reasons why alcohol consumption is so rampant in most societies all over the world. Most drinkers justify this destructive habit by citing is perceived benefits which include but are not limited to the pleasure that one gets when they are intoxicated and the fact that one drifts away from the real world and forgets about their responsibilities and problems for a short while. However, these ‘advantages’ and other arguments for drinking that may be perceived as such do not hold up against the numerous social, health and psychological problems brought about by the habit.

Consumption of alcohol overworks the liver and damages it causing liver cirrhosis. It also causes irritation to the stomach walls disrupting the digestive process and interferes with the absorption of important nutrients in the ileum. It is also known to cause nausea and vomiting. It also impairs judgment and interferes with proper thinking processes leading to poor decision making by the user. The addictive nature of the substance can not be overemphasized upon. Gradually, the alcohol user gets used to the regular amounts of alcohol usually consumed and the body keeps demanding more of the substance in order for its owner to achieve the same feeling. Over time, the user becomes completely dependent on alcohol such that the body can not function properly when sober.

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The use of alcohol has been linked with the spread of sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea and HIV. This is due to the carelessness caused by impaired judgment. Alcohol users also tend to use other drugs that may require injection by syringes and use of other sharp objects, thereby increasing the risk of infection, all the more reason why we should shun this habit.

The numerous social effects are mainly caused by the impaired judgment. People who operate machinery when intoxicated tend to mishandle them therefore causing many unnecessary accidents. 40% of car accidents in the US are caused by driving under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol consumption is also linked to crimes such as rape and spousal and child abuse. It increases the probability of occurrence of such crimes and others due to its effects on the intoxicated person’s state of mind. Alcohol makes it difficult for the user to control emotions, therefore their behavior and actions are greatly altered. As such they end up engaging in activities they would have avoided had they been sober.

Alcoholics are also generally less productive in society. This is due to the time they spend under the influence of alcohol, time that would have otherwise been spent engaging in constructive activities. The extensive damage to health caused by alcohol consumption also contributes greatly to less productivity. With health problems, it is increasingly difficult for the body to optimize its energy and use it for the maximum benefit of the owner. Alcoholism can also lead to financial stability due to the costs involved in purchasing of alcohol, medical and rehabilitation expenses that are likely to arise sooner or later.

To sum it all up, the damage that excessive consumption of alcohol does to both the individual and the society is extensive. As much as some may want to defend the habit for their own personal gain, it is actually the person consuming the alcohol that ends up suffering. It is crystal clear that there are far more drawbacks to it than advantages. It is only wise that we realize the danger that it is to our society and take the necessary preventive and corrective measures to curb this plague that is on the rise as the US and the world steadily becomes an increasingly free society.


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