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The Centre for Health and Gender Equality is a non-profit organization established and operating in Washington DC. The group associates itself with teaching the society about family planning, gender mainstreaming, sexual health, fighting HIV and championing for women’s rights as a way of attaining their highest possible sexual and maternal health. The organization aims at meeting these objectives by implementing the US policies. The core mission of the organization is to create the world where sexual and reproductive health rights of women are recognized and respected. In doing so, it aims to ensure that reproductive and health services are made accessible to all Americans without discrimination, coercion or corruption. The organization has operated since 1994 and is, therefore, celebrating its 20 years anniversary of service to the American people. The Centre for Health and Gender Equality works in close collaboration with the USAID to meet its mission and vision.

The organization has a Facebook page, a LinkedIn page, and a Twitter handle. It has over three thousand likes on its Facebook page. The presence of the organization on these platforms enables it to reach greater audience in fostering its objectives. Today, with the number of people owning smartphones, tablets and computers rising, there is an urgent need for organizations to adapt to this change and remain relevant. The Centre for health and gender equality has chosen to make this stride in assisting the community to fight reproductive issues while at the same time holding the government accountable (Caro, Ramsey & Voet, 2003). The social media has been of particular importance to the Centre for Health and Gender Equality (CHANGE) in its advertising strategies. The key goals of the organization on the social media platform range from seeking donor funds from well-wishers, to reaching out to the people. CHANGE attracts funds through the social media by posting the photographs of all their successful events online. They also include testimonials from those who have had to feel the impact of the organization. In return, the well-wishers who are unable to attend the events held by this organization can appreciate their work and reciprocate their efforts through funding. A lot of donors are looking for organizations with noble ideas to fund and evidence of their impact today based on how an organization presents itself to the social media (Waters et al, 2009). The initiative to establish the CHANGE organization online is, therefore, a good move to place themselves strategically for donor funding. Second, the organization targets at increasing awareness about reproductive and health care right to many users over the social media as a way of ensuring its growth. So far, the organization has touched a lot of people.

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The primary target of launching its advertising strategy on the social media was to aim at reaching teenage and adult girls who are at risk of their reproductive health, as they do not get enough attention. The platforms have also provided a forum over which the American people can raise their voice against the government over little budgetary allocations on reproductive healthcare matters (Caro, Ramsey & Voet, 2003). It is a great way of making the government accountable. One way of doing so is running a hashtag on Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn use is limited to only professional posts. The organization aims at reaching the donors on the platform to support its programs. Facebook and Twitter, however, are excellent platforms for checking on the government’s accountability because of the large number of people on these platforms. Despite having a real agenda, many people are unaware of existence of the CHANGE organization and its objectives. Therefore, the group uses the platform to make itself known and share its views and goals. Being a non-governmental organization, quality service to the people is paramount.

The presence of the CHANGE organization on the social media has however been entirely dormant as it is limited to only posting events and news and welcoming the general public to make their comments. There is, therefore, a need for a comprehensive social media tactical plan to maximize the use of the platforms.

My recommendations for the organization concerning social media tactical plan is to actively do so, as it will help the organization improve its image and reach greater number of people, as well as get enough donations. The best way to begin is first to assign each aspect of the marketing strategy to every employee within the organization. Second the organization must do a survey and establish the target audience on the social media. After identification, the sales agents for the organization must be trained to meet the customer’s satisfactions. After that, the organization should move rapidly to setting up a social media policy and distributing to its employees and other relevant agencies. Lastly, all the employees and partners within the CHANGE organization should undergo a sensitization process on the need to participate on the social media platform and assist in tackling the queries raised on the organizations wall.

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Having considered the technical issues I recommend that the organization comes up with objectives for each social media platform intended to be used. Different social media platforms give different outcomes and have a different target audience. LinkedIn, for example, is more professional and is good for attracting donor funding, selling of brands and reaching out to experts in the field of reproductive health. Facebook, on the other hand, is suitable for the promotion of upcoming events because of its large following, brand selling, and discussion forums also thrive well on Facebook. Twitter is useful for sending and responding to a conversation about the objectives of the organization, providing a forum for communication and is also helpful in the sale of brands.

My second recommendation is that the organization comes up with a plan of action for the meeting expected goals. For example, the CHANGE organization should encourage its members to participate on the platform to create confidence for the larger audience. Also they should build online groups and forums to facilitate discussions.


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