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Responsibility is defined and questioned in different aspects of life. Identification of responsibility as phenomenon is still open, and it is actual for today’s society. Deep understanding the meaning of perfect behavior is the principal indicator of achievement stage of development of a mature personality. More so, even a preliminary understanding of the results of possible errors and determination of their significance for the other people around and for ourselves is the spiritual maturing of a man. It is a process of formation of a significant member of society. From another perspective, the responsibility is, to some extent, an understanding of the negative consequences for the subject in case of violation of the established norms. Accordingly, the liability in this case can be identified as necessary for the existence and functioning of society for effective cooperation interaction and multivectoral communication of individuals. These criteria correspond to responsibility, the characteristics and significance of which are presented below in the text.

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From the point of sociological view, responsibility is the process of understanding of how we depend on the surrounding people and the demos as a whole (Pesqueux 25). In other words, how we are important in the life of people and the country. The extent of our liability is determined not to allow our desire to disappoint the hope put in us. It can occur in any situation. For example, a son wants to study successfully in a college and not to disappoint his parents. The same occurs if diligent engineer does his work efficiently to ensure the effectiveness of his company. Even the president and Congress make effort to provide the most loyal benefits package to the citizens of their countries. Everyone is responsible in accordance with one’s opportunities and responsibilities, but the extent of this responsibility depends on the moral character of a man and his awareness (Robinson and Smith 157). Responsibility means a responsibility to someone or to something. Our public duty, honor and conscience, life position are a measure of our responsibility to society. Everyone must learn to govern himself or herself. Self-education is also an expression of responsibility, reflecting the maturity of man, his spiritual stability.

Any responsibility of the individual is a mandatory component of the overall responsibility of the commonality. In other words, each citizen is responsible for his country, for its improvement and development, for its future and its history. Examples of national ownership may be voting for a presidential candidate not based on some personal unconscious beliefs, but one the real needs of the state. In addition, demotic responsibility may require changes in the motherland if the latter apparently regresses. Examples of nationwide responsibility may be events in Ukraine for the last year, when the Ukrainian people were guided by their national responsibility for the future of their country. They made a decision to change the existing political regime on their own. In this case, the level of population responsibility was measured by the death of patriots and people thoroughly devoted to the interests of the state. Patriotism is also a kind of responsibility for the country and the future generations and its future.

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Also narrower, but no less important, is the concept of family responsibility, responsibility for a considerable piece of a large undivided society. This responsibility lies on the shoulders of father and mother for their children’s future. Therefore, parents are always responsible for the care level of their children, for their quality of education, for the realization of their personal needs and desires. It may look like it is a part of the family instinct of caring for the offspring, but it always takes into account the social situation of the family (Steinberg 435).

Everyone is well aware of the responsibility for himself. It may overlap with the instinct of self-preservation, but it is not. Responsibility for ourselves helps us educate ourselves informed and mature person who is ready to evolve invariably (Roberts 108). Responsibility for our reputation and ourselves brings us to punctuality, efficient work results, sports or personal achievements or accomplishments.

Interesting is the fact that any liability, or that we formulate as the phenomenon of onus, is closely intertwined. Responsibility for oneself raises the person responsible for the homeland and nation. The person who is responsible for the native land and the nation always bears the responsibility to the family as a part of civil society. The person responsible for his family always puts the liability to himself, because only in this case, he may provide the conditions for the prosperity of his family. Moreover, all of this is tied in a single circle, all the components of which are interdependent and complementary. The main thing is to want to get in a circle and never leave it.

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Everyone is responsible for the actions, ideas, and fundamental statements of the social environment in which he lives. Most of all, a man fears three things: old age, death, and responsibility. If the first two phobias one cannot fight, the fear of liability one can and should fight. Otherwise, this is our irresponsible behavior that can cause loss of personality, which we all do not want to (Luck 14). We should never forget that we are just a shadow of what we should be.

Therefore, identification of responsibility as its deep understanding is a valued aspect of today’s society. Criteria of the responsible person listed at the text show personal understanding of liability. This understanding is individual for each person. Nevertheless, we always need to be in response of what we do and what effect it could have on other people.


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