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Relationship in every society is determined by a level of culture appropriate for every nation or ethnic group. Speaking about modern society of the United States it is important to point out that it is multinational and thus, a multicultural one. The task of the following essay is to identify the definition of culture, phenomenon of multiculturalism and research a culture clash issue, whether it has impact on the development of prejudice in people and if a multicultural society experiences any problem following out of culture clash such as culture hierarchy.

Among various definitions of culture there is one notion that contains a complete meaning. According to it is “the configuration of learned behavior and results of behavior whose components and elements are shared and transmitted by the members of a particular society”. This definition is mainly based on a continuous research of psychological aspect of social life as elements of behavior and results of behavior belong to this particular sphere of investigation.

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The scientists have found out that culture of every nation can be analyzed through multiple aspects such as race, ethnicity, diversity, and minority. The interesting fact is that race issue in culture rises up the most sharp debates and misunderstandings. For instance, African-American culture is believed to be a ghetto culture by mistake. In real, biological origin does not have any impact on the level of culture in the society. The reason why African-American culture experiences oppression lies in prejudice which appear in minds of people of another ethnicity mainly in childhood due to the wrong understanding of their history and culture and personal disgust. This point is important while researching why multinational society faces with cultural clash. The personal willingness of people to dominate over other people stipulated the appearance of cultural rivalry as well. The twentieth century was marked by an attempt to raise Aryan culture by Adolf Hitler. However, this plan was not successful because any culture can have a long lasting history when it is accepted and supported by a whole nation or ethnic group and not only by its leader.

In a modern world there is a real cultural clash due to ethnical mix of nations and their traditions. Differences in language, religion, customs and behavior call the interest from other ethnicities not familiar with a particular culture. People all over the world have always been attracted by new and unusual attributes and traditions. This fact clearly explains why such eastern spiritual practices as yoga and feng-shui are so popular in the U.S. and Europe. On the one hand multiculturalism provides equal opportunities for different cultures to exist within one state. Internal exchange of cultural habits and customs would enrich people spiritually. However, in many cases promoting of a particular culture by an ethnical group among others make the people to evaluate it, compare it to other cultures and deliberately fight for superiority. Nevertheless, in spite of the fact that, for instance, black people are usually oppressed by white people does not mean that it happens because of opposition of two cultures but because of personal hatred. That is why it is not reasonable to declare that multiculturalism is a negative phenomenon in a society that can lead to rivalry and hostility.

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Multiculturalism implies diversity of cultures within one society. By recognizing their unique nature it stands for equity and social justice. By facing new social challenges multiculturalism appeals to learn attitudes and skills appropriate for different cultures and apply depending on the situation. Emotional intelligence that is a close related issue to multiculturalism is a specific emotional learning able to arrange equal attitude to all people in every sphere despite their skin color.

To summarize all the said above it should be pointed out that culture clash which is observed in a modern world happens not because of multicultural structure of society but because of prejudice and negative personal attitude of people. It should be born in mind that multiculturalism itself does not possess negativism. On the contrary, it helps to enrich human knowledge in culture and be tolerant to other customs and traditions. In order to avoid cultural clash people should change their way of thinking and their attitude to other cultures because equality of cultures provides additional aesthetic freedom to all humans.


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