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In case you are in search of a professional Editor in order to improve your scientific, scholar, medical or technical manuscript, PrimeWriting.co.uk can assist you. We offer writing and editing services to the authors who wish their essay, research paper, dissertation, thesis, etc. to be edited by a real expert. The customers are free to order online professional editing service, which includes the following dissertation editing services, paper editing service, English editing service as well as writing and editing services.Their work can be edited prior to the submission of the essay or after the process of refereeing. For instance, professors, teachers or referees may request you to edit your paper as a publication condition. PrimeWriting.co.uk editing service can assist any author while the revision stage or even before the final paper submission. So, if you are in need of dissertation editing services, paper editing service or English editing service, contact us for more info. When using PrimeWriting.co.uk professional Editing Service, rest assured that your paper will be polished and ready for the final submission to the publication of your choice at a comparatively cheap price.  

Editing service includes the following:

  • Correct grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in the paper, author’s biography note or abstract.
  • Make a revision for readability, clarity, logic, confusing word choice as well as phrasing.
  • Check for formatting inconsistencies and typos.
  • Confirm proper use of format styles (Chicago, MLA, APA, Harvard, Turabian, etc.).

Editing service does not include the following:

  • We never add content to the paper.
  • We never verify the references. The in-text citations will be formatted according to the required format style.

PrimeWriting.co.uk Provides Firm Guarantees

In case your work has been rejected by the publication of choice, PrimeWriting.co.uk is ready to revise your manuscript for free (check our Terms and Conditions to find out more). Although, when you decide to alter your work after our editing or make a choice not to accept our recommended revision, we do not bear responsibility for re-editing your paper.

PrimeWriting.co.uk professional editing service is responsible for correcting grammar mistakes, removing redundancy, fixing confusing sentence structures, sharpening author’s vocabulary, editing wordiness if present, replacing improper words and eliminating spelling mistakes. PrimeWriting.co.uk editors will also improve the organization and clarity of your manuscript, they are willing to re-arrange the paragraphs and sentences in case there is a necessity.

For the reason that our main purpose is to respect and preserve the author’s initial writing style, PrimeWriting.co.uk highly experienced editors only recommend and make existing language revisions whenever it is necessary.

PrimeWriting.co.uk offers its customers expert online services at a comparatively cheap price. Regardless of your paper type, be it Technical Report, Business letter, Scientific document, Journal article, etc., our professional editors will do their best to polish your work and make it perfect. If you buy our custom editing services, you will see that it is our editors’ forte to produce only high-quality work.

Our company has an invaluable experience in scientific, medical, technical, scholar and business editing. We provide publishing service for the respected university presses, associations as well as commercial publishers.

Buy our custom editing services and obtain the price estimation in a few minutes by means of Fast Estimate feature. Price quotes are available as well. In case they are requested, they can be provided in one business day. A number of payment alternative options are also available in order to meet every customer’s individual needs.

Editorial summary with the edited paper together with the track-changes feature will be provided as well. 

The system of password protected tracking allows viewing the status of the paper.

Stop hesitating, order our professional editing services and feel the advantages now!


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