Analysis of David Fincher’s Style

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This paper seeks to analyze the style of David Fincher as a director. His achievement in cinematography has been made due to his unique style of directing. It is quite difficult to separate the facts from the opinions when it comes to David Fincher. However, this paper aims at separating the two by analyzing the different aspects of David Fincher’s filmmaking.

Fincher began his career from a very low point by directing commercials, but soon moved to music videos. His fast rise has been attributed to his unique auteur style in his work. He later reached greater heights as a movie or film director. His directing skills are very different from other directors of his time. Fincher actually used weather, such as rain, or shadows to conceal the figures and faces of the actors in the film (Weston, 2003). This technique has never been used before and it attracted many reviews and blew a reaction from the film industry. Fincher’s style also included fluid tracking with a camera and single frame intact. He had a special tendency of shrinking Hollywood endings in a way that would represent a very strong and unique style of evidence. This skill was especially notable in a few films he directed, namely Fight Club, Panic Room and Se7en. In these films, Fincher uses the elements of weather to bring out emotions and feelings. For example, he uses rain to mark a mood; he also uses the rain to set up a climatic change. On the other hand, in the movie Se7en, Fincher greatly heightens the general outlook and feeling of the city by creating a city that is of bleak despair. As the rain showers fall on the specific actors, the story line of the film follows integrating the intelligence and style that uses rain and water in a unique way. In the film Fight Club, Fincher uses rain to mark the most dramatic moments in the film, one of which is a scene of a heated argument amongst the actors. It is important to note that in order for a director to outshine the actors, the director does not only require a skill but also should be an auteur as a film maker (Ferrara, 2011). Fincher has outshined most of the actors in the films he directed because of his auteur and unique directing styles. Fincher’s ‘auteurism’ is his stamp in all of his work in the film industry. This is because Fincher uses an objective and specific way that has taken subjective scripts and changed them into their own different world. Fincher has only been making movies for a couple of decades, but has hit the peak of the film industry through his unique style in directing the films. Fincher focuses on sharp dialogue, strong characters and electronic scores that make the film epic and make the characters look like portraits.


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