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David Fincher's Theme in the Films

David Fincher used theme of unity, electronic scores, and strong characters, and also theme of noir, music, and sharp dialogue among other themes. In the film Fight Club, Fincher outlined the narrator’s background. In this film he used a theme that tried to deal with concepts in the lives of the actors in an idealistic fashion. Fight Club was initially seen as sinister or a seditious film. Fincher used the concept theme to change it into a funny and seditious film. He was able to achieve this by including the element of humor to the element of temper. According to Edward Norton, Fight Club probed into the element of despair and analysis. This is because it probed the frustrations of the people that live in the system of the film. Fincher adds a visual effect to his films so as to depict the inside of the narrator’s brain at a telescopic level. Flincher also used musical theme to bring out the style in a unique way. He sought for a band which had never recorded in a film. He used the music to break ground in the film and achieved a nontraditional score. David Fincher also used a cinematography theme that gave him maximum flexibility in composing the shots. He applied a lurid skill that made people “sort’’ and “shiny’’ instead of bland and realistic. This helped to apply a mundane look to nighttime exteriors by including a variety of colors. This technique and style was used in the film Fight Club as well. This film was filmed mostly at night. The crew used lights form inexpensive lamps to create a glow in the background. Fincher also used subliminal frames in Fight Club. He uses this theme to create an illusion and to show that the hero exists only on the periphery of the narrators mind or consciousness (Filming History, 2010).


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