Free «"Fight Club" Film by David Fincher» Essay Sample

The Fight Club starred Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helen Carter. Fincher intended the violence in the film to serve as a unique metaphor in the conflict between the generation of young people and the value of advertising. In order to achieve this, he used homoerotic overtones to keep the audience of the film uncomfortable and looking forward to the end, which in this case is a very twisting end. In this film Fincher includes the element of humor in the characters’ temper in order to create a sinister element. Fincher also added to his theme by using visual effects. He achieved this by utilizing previsualized footage of challenging visual effect as a tool. He added a musical theme to this filming. Taking into consideration that the film was mostly filmed at night, Fincher used shadows and color to achieve the effects. He also added a theme of light by using inexpensive lamps which helped to cast shadows on the many areas in the film.

Fight Club involves and narrates a neo noir theme, but is classified as a retro noir film. This is because of the gender presentation in the film. These films allow the survival, thriving, and crime solving by the female gender without the assistance of men. On the other hand, the film “fame fatale” introduces a heroic “chic” who exists in a criminal and dangerous world. The female actor is presented as necessary but not peripheral, as opposed to the female actors in the film Fight Club. In Fight Club a disintegrating body is the center of slanting trauma while in other films the slanting trauma does not come out so strongly (Film Art, 2009). The costume culture in the film shapes the male identity and ignores the capitalism in totality. This is a style that is not seen in any of David Fincher’s other films.


David Fincher has greatly impacted the film industry and the world as well by his unique and different directing styles. This has not only put him at the top in the filming business, but has also made him win multiple awards for his uniqueness in the film directing. His auteur style has added value to the filming industry and improved many aspects of directing.


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