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A discussion that has been written and draws discussions, explanations, or arguments from more than one source can be referred to as a synthesis. A synthesis can either be an explanatory synthesis or an argumentative synthesis. Explanatory synthesis is one that is aimed at assisting a reader to understand something such as a chapter or a topic. On the other hand, argumentative synthesis is one that tries to argue out a point or one that tries to emphasize on explaining a certain point. In this paper, the main focus is to write an argumentative essay based on chapter three of the book titled the changing landscape of work in the twenty-first century. This is aimed at arguing out the resultant effects due to the changes that occurred since the twenty-first century. This is due to the technological advancements at the work place that led to lay-off of some individuals from the work place.


For some years now, the trend of employment at the United States of America has shifted drastically. As a result, of the changes that have taken place at the labor market, some of the smart individuals who have adopted to the changes have been promoted as those adamant to changes have been demoted. A number of cities in the United States of America have been abandoned. The brown fields, on the other hand, are growing even as they try by all means to get cheap labor. Despite all these United States of America is still be considered strong economically. As a result, due to the technological changes that have hit the labor market individuals are being forced to retrain themselves and engage in preparation for new jobs in, the future.

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Based on the findings by the bureau concern with the labor statistics, jobs that are related with manufacturing a decline of up to 2% will be experienced in the future. This is because, due to globalization markets have been opened across the continents, and people are now competing amongst continents. In the United States of America individuals who are perceived or considered to be low skilled have been employed in low-technology companies. In the twenty-first century, physical jobs are no longer available. At the moment, workers are expected to be conversant with what is happening at the world around. This is because technological use is becoming part of ever day activity jobs. As a result, manufacturing jobs in the United States of America in the next 25 years will less then 15% in its contribution to the economy.

Coming up with an analysis of low skilled jobs in the united states of America have at times been perceived as being challenging at times. We live in a dynamic world where some people are considering it better to ship some goods to minimize costs incurred. As a result, companies that embrace technology and prefer to ship good end up taking a large market share. In the future, low-tech companies will be employing fewer people. This means that the high-tech companies are the ones that will be there to ensure growth in the labor force. In the twenty-first century, only the works that require a high level of technology will be able to survive. This includes; works in the energy fields, teaching, bio-technology jobs, works in the medical fields, and bio-research works. As a result of the upcoming changes in the twenty-first century, it means that the available staff or employees will have to be trained to adopt the new technology. Therefore, teachers will have to be in plenty. In addition to the high-level technologies, service related works such as law, medical, and accounting services will keep on growing. Indeed it is worth noting that in the twenty-first century, education will be key or the determining factor of who will win and who will loss. This then calls upon individuals to retrain if they want not to be faced out with the new technologies in the twenty-first century. Those who are adamant and wait for miracles are likely to be faced off.

According to the book titled “World is flat” by Tomas L. Friedman, he has tried to examine in details the possible outcomes of technological changes. In his chapter, six titled the untouchables; he has tried to expound an issue that has been of great concern to the Americans. In deed, it can be difficult of what an individual can tell his or her kids in case of layoff due to technological advancements. In addition, preparation by an individual to adapt to the changes can also be an up hill task. It is necessary for us to make ourselves to be untouchable so that when changes come we shall be able to cope. This is according to the works of Thomas Freidman. This means that it is essential to engage ourselves in careers that can guarantee us job opportunities in the twenty-first century. Engaging ourselves in career opportunities that can guarantee one lucrative employment opportunities is essential. Furthermore, it will ensure that even when individual will be laid off due to their low level of qualification or education we will be secure. This calls upon the individual to be aggressive and let the issue of being adamant.

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According to Richard Judy and carol D’ Amico the book was so influential since it was release. She states that, in the work place, the digital technologies together with the use of personal computers have is dominant. This means that new job opportunities have been created which requires individuals who have the necessary skills (Richard, Carol, and Gary 88). Most of the questions that are of great concern according to Judy include; how the companies will adapt to the changing workforce; which jobs will be most appropriate to incorporate the new technological advancements; and how people are prepared to enter the twenty-first century with the new technological advancements. There have been rumors that the manufacturing jobs will no longer be there more so for the low skilled individuals. Indeed, it is true to argue out that it is only those individuals who are willing to adapt to the changes who will survive in the labor market. In the United States of America, it is very essential for the industries to adapt the new technologies so that they can remain in the market.

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In the United States of America, technological advancements have been an issue that has been embraced. As a result, only those that has adjusted and adapted the technology have been able to survive. Those industries that have adapted the changes have led to massive improvement or impact to the economy of the United States of America. Since the beginning, of the twenty-first century as argued by Tomas L. Friedman the untouchables individuals have been able to remain competitive in the market. These are those individuals who were able to adapt to the new technological advancements. In addition, individuals who got engaged or undertook lucrative careers have been able to survive, as well. This has resulted in massive impacts on the economy of the United States of America. Indeed it was a wise idea for those individuals who considered it being suitable to undertake lucrative careers. These are those careers that have been competitive in the market.

As Richard Judy and carol D’ Amico explained the significance of the digital technologies and use of personal computes, this has been true. The industries that have embraced the use of these technologies in relevant areas have been seen nourishing. In addition, those individuals who have been retrained have not faced the challenge of being laid-off due to the new advancements. This has led to performance of tasks easily thus leading to the economic growth in the United States of America. In addition, in the United States of America technology use has been massively considered thus making it to uphold its economic superiority.

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In the twenty-first century, due to the technological advancements, a lot of implications will result which either can be positive or negative in nature. Some of these implications include,

1. The type of people who will be employed to work

2. The skills that will be required

3. The type of works that will be available to the work forces at the moment

4. How work will be conducted

5. The impact on the overall economy of the nation concern

It is worth nothing that in the twenty-first century; individuals who will be able to secure themselves employment opportunity are those who will have engaged themselves in retraining to be able to suit the existing opportunities. This is because; the works that will be available will only be suitable to the skilled individuals. In addition, such work will only be appropriate to those with the modern knowledge such as those with the necessary technical knowledge. This is because; as the new technologies come forth those who will be advantaged are individuals with the necessary knowledge. The unskilled or low skilled individuals will be disadvantaged. Although we do not mean that the low skilled individuals will be completely faced out, they are likely to face or experience remarkable challenges. Such individuals will be employed in low-tech companies, and in such companies, they will be paid depending on the either piece rate or the amount of hours contributed for work. The amount of compensation that will be given to such individuals will be significantly low as compared to that given to the skilled persons.

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In the twenty-first century, mechanization of work will be highly appreciated. This means that the heavy machine will replace some of the human labor. For those machines that will require to be controlled by human; they will only be regulated by persons with the necessary knowledge of such a machine. This means that few individuals will be employed since mechanization will replace human labor. Work will be done at a faster speed hence completion of works in a timely manner. This will result in economic growth in a state or county that will embrace technology. In the case of the United States of America, bearing in mind that it is a super power state; technological advancements will be of great significance. It will ensure that work is done on a timely manner and at the same time quality work is presented. In addition, technological advancement will have a positive impact on the income, prices, competition, choice by consumers, and innovation in the various industries, in the United States of America. The resultant positive impact of technology will not be evenly distributed to all industries. Some will be disadvantaged as they will experience stiff competition from other industries. As a result, they may end up being faced out in the large market and those employed will definitely loss their employment opportunities. Individuals who will be more employed will be advantaged as they will be able to secure themselves opportunities in more than one place of employment. In addition, such skilled persons may not be faced out in the large labor market industry. To be in a position of security as far as employment in the labor market is concern, training is mandatory.


Finally, in the twenty-first century, it is necessary for individual to train and adjust according to the upcoming technological changes. This will enable them to be secure in the labor market. As a result, they will not be faced out by the upcoming technological changes. On the other hand, industries and companies will have to embrace technology so that they will not experience stiff competition from the related companies and industries Despite all the technological changes that will come forth, it does not mean that the low skilled individuals only will be disadvantaged, even the skilled persons will experience some disadvantages. This will be due to the massive global competition that is essential for the United States of America so as to be able to retain its economic competition in the world. In addition, even the skilled persons will need to adjust themselves so that they can switch sectors of employment so that they can secure themselves positions. Vertical disintegration that will be experienced will lead to tele working leading to the ability to conduct business across continent. Indeed, with the coming up of the new technology, it is necessary for the various companies, industries, and even employees of the various companies to adapt. In addition, it is necessary to train so as to be competent. This will result in hob security thus ability to sustain families. It will also lead to economic growth in the United States of America hence ability to retain economic superiority.


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