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Communitarianism organizations are based on the philosophy of people who come together due to a common way of doing things, privileges, and values. This organization relies on the co-operation of the participants so that it can be able to assert itself both in the social and political arena. However, the emergence of industrialization has seen the development of capitalism and a powerful state that dwarfs the existence and development of such groups. In the advent of capitalism, the worker’s rights have been swept into the murk by labor acts, and state enforcements. This is a member-based group, which aims at improving the welfare of workers through working with labor unions and management of organizations so that they can negotiate for better working conditions. This memo highlights the challenges and opportunities involved in setting up of the group.

The biggest resource that a group relies on is cooperation from individuals who have common beliefs and values. Communication is the other resource that can be utilized in forming a communitarian group. It is vital for individuals to note that telephone calls and letters cannot be a basis of communication. Face to face, communication is very essential in building trust towards the formation of such a group. This is why house calls are the best option when it comes to looking for workers to join a group. Individual making house calls are supposed to make them brief, give out the necessary information, and let the workers talk about the job conditions. Dissipating of essential information is another challenge that has to be done with precision. Quite a number of workers do not have information concerning their rights, how to solve common problems at work, and the power of collective bargaining.

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Workers fear joining such groups because they think that they are being “witch-hunted.” Most people doubt upcoming groups, consequently, they may not give their true views. Other workers may fear retributions of the law, employer policy, and in a worst case-scenario, job loss. Other workers fear that the group does not guarantee them a thing just like the usual union and therefore and have no hope in it. Some people fear that unions use their dues unfairly and they do not deliver on their promised negotiations. The dilemma facing the group is the lack of knowledge and vital information of many people. This implies that the group will have to educate the people on their rights, help them to support the organization. This will help them to have a bargaining power over individual voices and thus push for a common agenda as laid out by the philosophy of communitarianism.

The objectives of this group will be to give people a chance to communicate their problems at the work place. The members (workers) will vote for a negotiating committee. This committee will collect and evaluate the needs of the workers, and what they want from the management and the union. The group will negotiate a contract for better wages, working conditions, and benefits. The contracts will only be approved if a majority of the workers assents it. The group hopes that there will be an improvement with every upcoming contract. The other objective will be uniting workers for a common goal, and helping them to make their lives better through good wages.

In conclusion, this group seeks to unite individual voices with the same beliefs, values, and goals for the sake of having a higher bargaining power. In this age of capitalism, individuals stand to lose but they can win a case if they unite under a unified group. Every person willing to join this group should know that information and cooperation is the key to social change.


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