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The paper highlights on new media as a new form of information sharing, entertainment, education and communication; at same time it highlights on some of the positive innovations that were as a result of Manuel Castells.

The term New Media is said to be a standard term that defines that there is improved flow of information from one place to the other electronically through the use of improved computer technology. New Media is said to be more effective in the late 20th century, and new Media is characterized with the easy access of information at any time, anyplace, on any digital device and deliver direct response to the individual who is accessing the information. New Media has also been realized as a result of the democratization of the processes of producing and distribution of the information.

The term new media relates well with the Old media as it is just a slight improvement of the traditional ways of media; that included things like magazines, Newspapers that will always remain to be stationary and less interactive. On the other hand, the New Media will include things like Web sites, audio/ video streaming, chartrooms, internet adverts, mobile computing and emails amongst other aspects. it should be noted that all these activity of spreading the information takes place between the individual and a desktop or a hand held device such as compact disc among other devices.

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Key Contribution Manuel Castells in the Understanding of New Media

There are many people especially scholars, scientists, politicians religious leaders and other influential people that have positively contributed to the achievement and the realization and use of the new media that is currently being encountered in the world today amongst them is one individual that is known as Manuel Castells, and in this paper I am going to highlight on some his contributions in the New Media.

Manuel Castells Olivan is a Spanish citizen that was born in the year 1942 in Hellín, Albacete, Spain. And is a renowned sociologist who is mainly associated with communication and information security research. In the year 2009 after a research survey that was conducted in the world he was ranked the fifth most quoted social scientist and at the same time the most named communication scholar. Despite all these awards and achievements he is also the members of the International Ethical, Scientific and Political Collegium.

An organization that is mainly concerned with overcoming the problems that face the world today thus it basically ventures on achieving of a peaceful, socially upright and an economy friendly world. In his contribution in the development of the new media in the society today he based his works and ideas to the realization of the new media. This is by the use of four themes that’s he saw as the most influential aspects that will be used towards the formation and the realization of a new media in the society today. From these four different themes he managed to transform the perception that the people had on the new media to the positive and also for the benefit of the people who will be using the new media despite the occupation and level of knowledge of an individual.

In this paper we are basically going to highlight on the themes that Castells used in the positive contribution of the new media and the themes were as follows; the first theme was about the realization of a modern society was through the use of modern structures and development of improved network infrastructure was to be used more efficiently. In this case Castells was emphasizing on the use of improved networks and use of modern facilities in ensuring that the information flow from one point to the other isn’t affected or interrupted while still on its way. He stressed that the use of the improved versions of machines and technological infrastructures will automatically result to the easy flow of information from one point to the other. At the same time encourages the interaction and easy interpretation of information by the users of the new media.

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The use of the modern structures as stated by Castells was the most important aspect in the transforming of the old media to the new media; this was seen as the cases of development were being experienced in the world. Therefore these changes in the ways of lives in the world today has basically resulted to the media being more and more interactive as the people who are using the media today are more enlighten and more demanding as compared to the previous years when the people were not concerned with what was going on in the entire worlds. But with the changes in the ways that the people intact and communicate this has made it easy for the people to follow or even get the information that is about the regions that are not closer to them and the use of improved technology will provide them with the opportunity of studying and understanding what is going on around the world at the fastest time possible.

The second theme the contributed to the development of the new media by Castells is Globalization and Social Morphology. Globalization and socialization are today being considered as being one identical aspect; this is where all the races in the world today are trying to deviate from the cultural practices and adopting into one practice that best suites the interests of all the people in the society today. While globalization is where the world is becoming more and more smaller in maters that pertains to trade and marketing; this has also made it easy for the organizations to fully benefit in the trade they participate in. An example is when the global economy goes as a result of the increase of the fuel prices or natural disasters the entire world should be informed of these problems that are encountered in the world today. This is through the use of the media devices that are there and it will at the same time provide the individuals with the opportunity of knowing what the problem is and how the calamities change the economy and affects the trade of these regions.

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Castells also used the theme of self identity, experience or relationships as a form in which an individual uses in identifying the use of the new media. In this aspect Castells used this as an argument in which he stated that the ideological or political differences between these individuals resulted to the different people in the society to use their influence to step down or even make the news an item to be more exaggerated to a point of not being credible to the individuals in a given locality. But with the use of the new media people from different locations might nave access to the raw information that hasn’t been exposed to them in the past. This will result to the individuals to be more informed of the real issue and thus making the people make an informed decision that is aimed at ensuring that they are in a position of coming up with the informed choices as a result of their encounter with information.

Castells also stated (Statism) the static nature of the media was another aspect the made it possible for the organization, governments, individuals to manipulate the media in order for it to suite their own interests is a thing that denied the media the opportunity of conducting their activities independently. This will definitely result to the stagnation of the aspects of the media thus making it difficult for the media to provide quality information to the public. Therefore Castells stated that this will come to an end if the media introduces other aspects that are aimed at ensuring interaction between the users and other people who are intending to use this as a form of information sourcing. This will be difficult for the government and political leaders will not manipulate the information as the information will be moving from one point to the other rapidly without providing the room for manipulation. At the same time ensure that the individuals will be in a position to have the credible information.


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