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Biochemist researchers in this book make arguments on the issue of “irreducible complexity” in living organisms that cannot be explained by gradualist Darwinian mechanism. According to the researchers, the irreducible complexity of the intelligent design theory asserts that the natural selection method is not possible of creating irreducibly complex systems because the selectable meaning is only available when the parts are combined.

The irreducibly complex biological mechanisms include such as, the immune system and the blood clotting drop. This book draws clear conclusions on the errors of the evolution theory by Charles Darwin. The involvement of various biochemists in the research makes the argument one that is based on facts and not beliefs and myths. “A negative argument against evolution, not proof of design.”Below is an image of a fish that had a very different clotting and immune system from that of other fish that belonged to the same species as this fish (Michael 56).

The author of this book, Broom is a scientist and a philosopher in science, Broom challenges Charles Darwin approach on the natural selection, he claims that the concept of natural selection is only possible in the story of creation in the bible. Broom applies both the “scientific and the philosophical basis” to in his challenge of Darwinism.

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This book is written by a Christian author who makes critical arguments on the debate about the issue of intelligent theory against the intelligent theory. For any individual who wishes to have a deep scientific understanding of the evolution theory and make clear and critical conclusions based on philosophical facts, this would be one of the advisable books to use.

This is an apologetic book for Christians; the author has in the book written about the philosophical aspects of science and the shrewdness of creation between the naturalistic evolutions. According to the book, the beginning of the world must have been with a cause which ought to be personal. Accruing to Moreland, “No evangelical writing on apologetics surpasses Moreland in philosophical ability”.

Every person who intends to speak for Christ to the contemporary mind should master the content and spirit of this book” this is one of the books on the intelligent and the evolution theory debate that has received a lot of critics of the past decades, this is due to the fact that the writer gives facts from his mind and not based on facts, in addition, the book is more on the historical of the new testament and the resurrection concepts, as a results it tends to explain the evolution theory but this makes the book incomplete because the author leaves other religions standpoints out of the content.

Books on the evolution theory and the intelligent design by Non –Christians

In this book, Gordon raises significant challenges to Darwinism, in what he calls “Darwin meaningless” the book has changed many students view on the origin of living things, as a result many are the student who have given up with Darwin’s evolution theory after reading the work of this writer.

This book is a commendable critique of Darwin’s theory as “Some of evolution’s most vocal critics are proponents of “intelligent design,” arguing that many structures in plants and animals bear the unmistakable signature of design by a supernatural intelligence”

Thus book is written by a lawyer who makes logical and evident arguments on the theory of evolution. The author terms the evolutionism as natural philosophy that calls itself a scientifically based fact whereas it is not a subject of experimentation and lacks the capability to explain various cases. For instance, “Evolution itself is accepted by zoologists not because it has been observed to occur or is supported by logically coherent arguments, but because … no alternative explanation is credible

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Despite the lawyer using critical arguments rather than scientist and biological one, he logically brings across the reasons as to why the evolution theory has no foundations. He applies the principle of intelligent design theory that entails that a “supernatural creator the living and non living organisms in a separate manner in accordance to their modern day setting”.

This book is about a persuasive against Darwinism presented by a scientific writer. Just like many of the challenges presented across the issue of Darwinism “the scientific writer calls for facts and not beliefs”, the author of this book seems to be asking for more information and the fact on the evolution theory.

The most important argument of the intelligent design is the anti evolution belief that entailing that the world was created in a naturalistic phenomenon whereas some of them are not biologically possible and thus the formation of life on earth can only be explained via the use of the intelligent or the supernatural causes and thus the evolution theory is the “the self-imposed convention”


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