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Securities Commission

Like many organizations, Securities Commission faces many challenges when undertaking its daily operations. Upon successful completion of the course, I intent to join the powerful work force of the commission and help them solve the challenges. Its major functions, which include supervision of exchanges, clearing houses and central depositories, and regulation of many functions, are all complex processes that require competent staff (Suruhanjaya Sekuriti, n.d.). The knowledge I will gain will help me think critically when solving problems in the commission. Mathematics will enable me gain deep understanding of problems and find better solutions.

Information technology advances almost every day. Organizations, Securities Commission included, strive to implement the best form of technology to serve their clients better. The knowledge I will gain in computer science will enable me identify better technological projects, choose the best project to work on, and manage it to its completion. I will develop applications to that will ensure the needs of users are met, while meeting the commission’s objectives. The knowledge I will gain on cryptography and network security will enable me design and implement better algorithms that will ensure secure transmission of the commission’s critical data over a network.

Process automation is vital in any organization that aims to provide efficient and timely services to clients. Artificial intelligence allows development of machines that do tasks that require human reasoning. Expert systems, on the other hand, are systems that perform functions that would have been done by human experts. The knowledge I will gain from studying such fields will enable me propose and develop systems to the commission that would perfectly perform tasks done by human experts such as accountants.

By granting me the scholarship, the commission will greatly help me achieve both my education and career ambitions.


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