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Before advancement in technology, many processes in organizations including payroll processing, staff check-in, and communication were done manually. This brought delays and errors, some of which negatively affected organizations. The tremendous improvement in technology has made work easier and simpler to people. Many processes in organizations are automated. This has resulted to efficient and effective service delivery. Many errors which were experienced through manual work have significantly reduced or eliminated.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science is a field which encourages development and advancement in technology. If there were no computers, there would be no computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, no mobile phones, no internet connection, no websites, no modern trains, vehicles, and airplanes, and no enough goods. Technology has greatly changed the way people live. This is what drives me to take a course in Mathematics and Computer Science. Mathematics and Sciences are inseparable. In fact, Mathematic is a science. Computers are capable of processing powerful computations. These need to be aided by instructions. The instructions are computer programs developed by programmers. For programmers to develop such powerful programs, they must study a lot of mathematics. This course will enable me gain knowledge in programming that will help me develop applications that will help people solve real-life problems.

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Through project management unit offered in the course, I will acquire necessary skills to enable me effectively manage not only information technology projects but also other projects in different fields. I will be able to access the needs of users and come up with proposals on how to solve them, perform feasibility study to determine if the project is viable and feasible, and follow an engineering approach to systems analysis and design to proceed and complete the project. Moreover, I will learn ways of assessing risks and how to overcome them for a successful completion of projects.

Artificial intelligence is a branch in computer science that enables the development of machines that “think like human” and “act like human” (Russell and Norvig, 2010). This has aided development of robots that perform duties that require reasoning. The course will enable me acquire knowledge that will aid me develop applications that will be embedded in hardware to perform specific tasks that require reasoning.

Since I intend to study a science course, Mathematics is very important because it will help me solve complex scientific problems. By studying Mathematics, I will be able to develop powerful imagination since it deals with solving complex questions arising from complicated structures. It will enable me to solve complex problems at work place, and help me do research both in my studies and career life. It will equip me with strong skills in reasoning and problem solving. Cryptography which is pure mathematics and is also found in computer science, will enable me develop algorithms that will help in transmission of many bits of data over insecure network securely. Generally, I intend to derive a lot from the course to enable me come up with solutions to many problems we are experiencing in real-life.


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