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Elizabeth Costello

It’s apparent from the literatures that human beings are also animals, and this is an indisputable reality check It doesn’t matter whether you sleep in a house while others spend cold nights on top of trees, hanging upside down in some cases, it doesn’t matter how smart you can be, the bottom-line is, we are all animals. To begin with, let’s see how Elizabeth Costello confirms this reality.

To Elizabeth, both human beings and animals should claim equal rights, people are not supposed to eat animals because they are also animals. It would be inhuman to eat a fellow human being! I mean, from the Elizabeth’s view, its like slaughtering and eating a fellow human being, imagine what she was trying to imply!

Coming down to Thomas Negel, his ideas about animals versus human beings were somehow more of fiction than facts. Simply because all animals (living organisms) have conscious experience, at least to some extent, then human beings can be equated to bats if conditions favors so and bats could as well be in the shoes of human beings. At the end of the day, we are all animals and what distinguish us from each other are our conscious experiences.

The God has awarded the human being with a lot of dominant things and the best thing he gave to a person is the power of understanding and speaking, which makes him superior at all the other creatures of the world. The same stance has been depicted by many readers in their books, out of which we have just picked only three writers and analyzed their working towards the same predicament. We have found that these writers are totally against the illegal human activity of killing animals for their personal nourishment, which should be stopped. I want to conclude my discussion with the below mentioned quote.


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