Animals and Humans

Animals and humans live in many different worlds that rarely partly cover. Each animal creates its province and lives contained by this country on its own, inside its own community. On the contrary, humans move from one cycle (one community) to another. He can progress this year from Japan to Los Angeles, or he may become the salesman after abandoning his former profession of a dancer. The animal world is tremendously abridged evaluated to the one of the humans (Guerrini, A, 2003). Animals rarely nuisance each other and continue basically the same life from birth to death. At the same time, animals and humans understand little of each other, or at least this is what we presume, but humans have been academic to use animals, not the contrary. Humans understand things animals cannot understand, and animals perceive things humans cannot perceive. The dog’s nose is a million times more sensitive than ours. Dogs can hear sounds that humans cannot be hear, and from a great distance too. It is interesting to notice that if the animal senses are more developed, their sense of space is usually much more controlled (Coetzee, 2003).

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Thomas Nagel is his name. The one man whose reasoning could be rendered too intricate to decode by the average human minds. But one thing was for sure from his views concerning human beings as related to the other living species, citing a broader illustration using bats, the flying mammals, call it microchiroptera, nobody will penalize you for that. This famous American Philosopher and a University professor posits that only if bats could reason like human beings, then they would be able to do as we do. And that only if human beings could reason like bats, we would be all bats! God forbid! Hence the title of his assay “What Is it Like to Be a Bat?”

In one of his works titled “The Possibility of Altruism (Philosophical Review, October 1974), Thomas Nagel asserts that human beings are capable of having better reasons for committing themselves into actions that only benefit others and not themselves, factors such as sympathy or mercy not withstanding (Coetzee, 2003).

Nagel further explores the state of consciousness in the animals` kingdom by emphasizing that conscious experience is a widespread phenomenon which occurs at many levels of animals` life, albeit human beings may not be able to conceive the presence of this conscious experience in the smaller organisms they regard as otherwise inferior to them, take the case of a bat. Thomas Negel notes that it’s even more difficulty to convince them without evidence. According him (Thomas Negel, the conscious experience occurs in forms that are totally unimaginable to the human beings, and that no matter how much the forms, the fact that at least all have some conscious experience implies there is something that it is like to be that animal.

Consumption of animals by human being is not a tale of yesterday; it started right from the dawn of human evolution, lets say, those days of Homo sapiens and homo habilis, not so sure of Zynjanthropus though. Archeologists have persistently presented evidence of the activities that were being undertaken at that point in time. These involved hunting and gathering, they were not hunting flies, wild animals were the most targeted for meat and skin, yes and skin, skins were important commodities in making clothes and providing beddings. The arguments of Elisabeth are somewhat similar to David Foster because both have identified the illegal killing and violence of the animals.

As a matter of fact, the relationship between animals and human beings seems to hold more than meets the eye. For so long, human beings have been predators to other animals, and amazingly, human beings are too predators to themselves, just like some animals are predators to others e.g. the lion would cede no grounds for an antelope in a situation of hunger, just like human being would not let go of bull’s meat where food and diet is the first priority.

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No wonder it would never be easy a task for human beings to put themselves in the situation of the other animals, precisely those edible ones. Trying to imagine how a bull can be slaughtered is painful enough not to continue reasoning in that line, and so I wouldn’t wish to be a bull, not even a donkey, I may be a slave the rest of my life. Perhaps a bat, but how possible would I be hanging my body upside down on top of a tree, and only functioning at night!? Its crazy, that kind of life was never meant for human beings with the ability of think beyond the rest of the living species.


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