The Discrimination

By definition, discrimination is a term that has been used to fully describe any form of treatment that may be directed either towards or against any person basing on his or her social, economic, ender, economic or any other status. It is considered by other newspaper writers as a form of unlawful behaviour towards another group of person or persons. In brief. any form of discrimination denies the other group opportunities and privileges that are being enjoyed by that particular group. “Discriminatory laws such as redlining have existed in many countries whereby in some countries, controversial attempts such as racial quotas have been used to redress negative effects of discrimination” (Ridley&Duff, 2008),

According to the information reported in newspaper and magazine articles Pregnancy is in itself considered a condition that exposes an individual to a given form of discrimination. “Pregnancy creates added stress for working women who have to decide how to tell their employer they are expecting and coordinate maternity leave”. This is simply because most employers are not always very comfortable offering maternity leaves top mothers simply because they believe it compromises on the work quality and output, Most women have therefore being forced with the challenges of balancing work and family issues since the employers may not want to regularly offer leaves due to pregnancies and at the same time the husbands may constantly want their wives to bear them children, So what happens: most employers are nowadays not willing to offer women same employment opportunities as their male counterparts which also brings in the controversies of the availability of the various employment opportunities and whether women have the same chance of being employed as the men.

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The New York Times for example take a lot of emotional side when reporting issues pertaining to the genders and more especially those touching on women’s life including violence and all forms of discrimination (Singer& Peter 1999). This has created a lot of misunderstanding so much so that now the word gender is now being used by newspaper writers and journalists to mean women. The nature of reporting is therefore biased and the point here is to educate the journalists on the possible ways through which they can refrain from that kind of reporting and writing as they communicate to the public fraternity (Singer& Peter 1999).

The Heralds Newspaper on the other hand reports that the irony is that the employers are too reluctant to offer leaves to an excited employee who might have been waiting for the day she became pregnant and considers it a once in a life as conception and pregnancy issues get complicated day in day out. The modern woman is therefore expected to devise the best ways possible to deal with the stress at work and be productive and at the same time properly cope with family matters (Slattery, 2002).


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