Legalization of Assisted Suicide for People Suffering from Terminal Illnesses


In the world of politics, there are different doubts circulating in this segment regarding various problems and issues faced by the society. There are many debates and argues regarding appropriate regulation of the diversity of aspects. Assisted suicide is one of the leading topics for the debates, which disturbs minds of many sociologists, health care specialists, and ordinary people living with a number of ideas and opinions regarding legalization of assisted suicide. In order to understand the essence of the problem, it is necessary to consider all areas of its influence, which create additional tension in the society creating extra barriers for a healthy living. However, current paper represents a strong disagreement with legalization of assisted suicide. There are many arguments proving that it is not only inefficient, but also dangerous to legalize assisted suicide. In particular, the paper discusses disadvantages of legalizing this method for people suffering from terminal illnesses. In fact, it is necessary to have a systematic approach towards evaluation of this issue in order to understand its negative aspects and see the need of avoiding legalization as a harmful issue for the society. The following sections represent the necessary information involving various data and statistics proving that there is no need in legalizing assisted suicide as long as it will have a destructive force on different aspects of the society’s wellbeing.

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Ethical Side of Arguments against Legalization of Assisted Suicide

Ethical side of the discussed problem refers to the importance of providing every individual with protection streaming from the society. Every individual should live under the shelter of the community which will not kill them in case of facing an illness. Even patients with the most complicated diagnosis in critical conditions have a chance to survive and live a normal life. However, people start to forget that there is a chance for miracle. Moreover, society tends to forget its moral duties and obligations. Legalization of assisted suicide is equal to giving permission to someone to destroy lives of others. It is equal to murder, which is a contradicting element to human nature. The problem of the contemporary society is that it forgot how to respect human life with its values and principles of life (Brodrick & Keown 2012). In fact, it is possible to think about the problem from the philosophic point of view. Society is committed to be a natural protection of human life. It should value every individual as an essential component of its integrity.

Another aspect of arguments opposing to the legalization of assisted suicide is that it is equal to killing innocent people. On the one hand, a patient is not guilty that they suffer from incurable disease. On the other hand, nobody can decide in what way it is appropriate to finish patient’s sufferings. None of those who claim that assisted suicide should become a mandatory element of the performance of the majority of hospitals can judge patients and decide whether to take away life from them or not. Nobody has a permission of making others depend on the decision of a healthcare professional (Frey & Hans 2015). Finally, it should be a natural right of every individual to live their years and spend their life to their last breath the way they want to. It should not be a barrier preventing people from living the way they are destined.

In the aspect of family relations and principles of behavior, it is important to realize that humanity may spoil its honesty, straightforwardness, life values, and principles of living by legalizing assisted suicide. For example, a family may persuade a patient to sign an agreement to take medicine which will help them find a supposed relief and piece instead of sufferings (Golden & Zoanni 2010). However, a patient who changes their mind may have no chance to refuse this agreement. In addition, it is a peak of cruelty to persuade a family member to die. It should not become an acceptable manner in the range of family values. It is impossible to imagine consequences of these decisions reflected on the future generations living according to the legalized terms of violence.

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The Deadly Impact of the Issue

Legalization of assisted suicide can become a dangerous issue both for patients and healthcare system at once. It is obvious that healthcare professionals will go through many transformations which will lead to the same result. For example, the level of services provided by healthcare institutions will reach its lowest point. There will be no need for doctors and nurses to put a maximum of their efforts aiming to cure a patient. It is obvious that a healthcare segment will be interested in spending a minimum of their time, resources, and efforts aimed to help the patient fight with their disease in case they suffer from terminal illness or have an incurable diagnose. It is not a secret that a mix of healthcare and assisted suicide will become a deadly treatment leading to the decrease in minorities of the society (Marker 2006). It is obvious that poor people, racial minorities, and patients suffering from terminal illnesses will fall under a threat of the new law. They will fall under a serious risk, which will reduce all chances to live normal lives and function in the way prescribed by destiny. Healthcare professionals will not pay enough attention to these patients as long as they have no chance to enhance profitability of the healthcare system (Hochman 2006). Regardless of the fact that each doctor has a mandatory obligation to help each patient and do everything to cure them, there will be enough evidence proving that the majority of healthcare institutions obtained commercial character thinking about its profitability.

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False Triggers of Assisted Suicide

Those who support assisted suicide and claim that there is a strong need to legalize it, think that it is equal to an act of compassion. They advocate the idea that patients need help when they go through pain and cannot handle it any longer. However, there are many cases when patients are in pain and depression at once. Long-term treatments may combat hope and replace it with desperation. Healthcare professionals may confuse depression and low spirit with patient’s ability to handle treatment. Psychologists should become a rescue to the patient’s health in both mind and body. The government cannot be the only regulator of the patient’s health and longitude of life. Patients should be the only people to decide whether to live on or finish their sufferings immediately (Pereira 2011). However, it does not mean that the government should legalize unnatural methods of finishing patients’ sufferings. Regardless of the fact that it is difficult to identify depression, it is unacceptable to make death the only way to avoid sufferings. In addition, terminal illnesses do not mean that a patient does not have any chance to survive and live a normal life. Hope should become the only way to continue treatment and make sure a patient receives appropriate care and attention from healthcare professionals striving to support life indicators. Claim for putting away all treatments and medicaments may be an indicator of tiredness of the patient willing to feel relief (Balderston 2013). However, the process of curing should be accompanied by the diversity of healthcare professionals in order to lead a patient to the appropriate level of health. Psychologists should be a mandatory part of this process as long as they contribute to the healthy mind of each patient.

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Another false claim of assisted suicide resembles an illusion. It may refer to elderly patients suffering from an incurable disease or any other illness. It may become a serious problem in their minds to be a financial burden on their families. In this case, assisted suicide will also be a murder of an innocent person. In general, if the government decides to legalize this element of health regulation, there will be a significant increase in death rate. Birth rate, in its turn, will remain the same (Varelius 2013). Anyway, there will be a significant gap between the number of deaths and the number of births. As a result, the government will receive devastated population. This problem will consequently lead to many other issues in other sectors of the country’s activity.

Finally, it will be a mistake to legalize assisted suicide for patients with terminal illnesses as long as a healthcare system is based on the core of prognosis. Healthcare professionals tend to predict the patient’s conditions with a certain percentage of probability. However, it does not mean that there is no chance to cure a patient and lead his live back to normal indicators (Bryant 2003). Moreover, it is important to remember about such phenomenon as a medical mistake. Healthcare professionals may consider inappropriate health indicators or make analysis of inappropriate organs. Some diseases may be complex enough to make the most experienced physician confused. It means that it is important not to make mistake and legalize assisted suicide to save the most precious value of a patient – their life. The government has an obligation to protect patients and safeguard them in all aspects of life instead of presenting a threat to their lives. Moreover, some individuals may live in fear of being killed by their own family as soon as they reach the hospital (Williams 2015). All these false assumptions support the point that it will be a violent act to introduce assisted suicides as a legal process to finish someone’s life.

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The evaluated information on the legalization of suicides helped to understand that there is a strong need to prevent the government form legalizing this method within any sector of human life. Healthcare system and any other areas should not suffer from intentional killings legalized by the government. It is a phenomenon which has a significant impact on the lifestyle of many people. In addition, legalized suicide assistance is equal to murder as long as it is contradicting human rights. For example, it is beyond human nature to decide whether someone can struggle with their illness or die immediately. In addition, it is inappropriate to take all chances away from the patient allowing them to die in unnatural way. In the religious aspect, it is possible to call this phenomenon a sin, which means that a sinner should be punished. It is unacceptable for someone to decide whether to take away life from the patient or not. Moreover, terminal illnesses have many chances to be cured by professionals from the healthcare segment. It might be difficult; nevertheless, there is a high chance of brining the patient’s life indicators back to normal. In general, the paper proved that there is a need for the society to struggle against legalization of suicide assistance, especially for the patients with terminal illnesses. Natural death is the only key to the solution of the problem. Humanity should stop creating problems for itself in order to continue its development and save appropriate life values for future generations.


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