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This essay investigates the literature available on children and television. It establishes how television programs affect the social and academic growth of children. According to the essay, television shows can either have positive or negative effect depending on how they are designed. While some foster emotional growth in children, others leave them with little ability to regulate their behavior. However, the essay generally concedes that commercials are not necessary in these programs as they only serve to distract children from the movie storylines. Besides, some merchandises are not properly programmed, thus they end up having negative effect on the intended persons. This certainly calls for proper analysis of the overall appearance of the programs in order to avoid creating a negative impression (Steinberg, 2010).

The American television series “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” has significant influence on the general behavior of teenagers. The television series that is basically about teens that posses extraordinary powers gives teenagers a lot of confidence and prepares them to boldly face the world. Unlike most shows of its type, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” depicts the ability of significant overnight success both in the main show and the related merchandise. Basically, the show has a lot of content that expands kids’ social experience, especially with regards to social challenges that face teenagers as they move to adulthood. For instance, teenagers are characterized by rebellious character among children as they are not quite certain about how they should behave. They have a feeling that they should posses some bit of independence while the society thinks that they are still too young to decide for themselves. Thus, there arises a conflict of age between the two generations. However, this show teaches teenagers how to deal with their emotions and grow up into adults who can adequately regulate their behavior (Santiago, 2007).

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The show “Sesame Street” is generally regarded as a commercial show. However, it has lots of educative content, especially on creativity in communication. The aspect of creativity certainly expands children’s thoughts and enables them to develop a greater sense of self-regulation. These productions are enhanced through the use of humor and cultural considerations that considerably contribute to children’s social growth. For instance, children generally grow up to be jovial adults if their childhood was full of life and fun. This is what the show gives to children through the large amount of educative content. In fact, the educative content is always quite diverse as it encompasses both social and academic issues. However, the commercials that appear in between the shows always distract students from the television shows. This is usually due to the fact that most commercials do not in any way relate to children. In most cases, they are about commodities used by elderly persons and have no relation at all to teenagers. Thus, they feel that these commercials bring unnecessary pauses to their enjoyable movies (Barnes, 2011).

According to sociological research, television shows significantly contribute to some uncommon behavior among children. For instance, children who watch most of the violent shows generally grow up to be violent persons. In addition, the fact that most television shows are addictive to children means that they sit down for extremely long hours watching their favorite shows. This results in a sedentary life that usually causes obesity. However, research shows that children who watch educative movies generally perform better in school (Carter, 2010).

In conclusion, television shows can either have positive or negative influence on children’s behavior. Although some shows greatly foster social development among children, others introduce unfamiliar character amongst children. This is why the inventors of these programs should keep their audience in mind when they design these programs. Nonetheless, unnecessary commercials should be avoided in these shows as they seem to serve no purpose.


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