Free «Hamel’s Models» Essay Sample

Hamel’s Models

Hamel’s models are still applicable in light of the insights they offer pertaining to the changing business landscape. In e-business, ideas can be borrowed from Hamel’s model and come up with a Model that includes the aspect of innovation and changing markets. There are four pillars in an E-business models that includes services and products, networks to stakeholders and infrastructure, capital relationships and financial aspects. Hame’s innovation idea would be applied in the first pillar of product innovation, the second pillar of infrastructure would call upon managerial astuteness in maintaining optimal infrastructure, and pillar three of customer relations would be applicable in Hamel’s model of market orientation through ideas such as information strategy. It is evident therefore, that Hamel’s business models can be adopted free of their proposition to dismantle the existing system. The models are useful as extensions of existing principles of management. There is no need to revolt from existing principles but only embrace higher levels of complexities in the modern times (Osterwalder & Pigneur 2002).

In conclusion, whether transitioning to an e-platform or starting afresh, all business models in ignorance of social media potential will not survive since they are out of phase with time. Irrespective of the organizational structure, model, modern or traditional, social media and business models are inseparable; it is a rhythm of any business irrespective of its unique lyrics (Carlsson 2010).


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