Diversity of Different Cultures

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This section reviews some of the solution which have presented by various researchers in the field of intercultural studies.

The first step is to encourage people whenever they interact at an intercultural level is that they should acknowledge that cultures are different and one’s own culture is not necessarily the best. Every person should embrace this truth and be willing to compromise on their part in order to allow communication to succeed. Payne (2010) has identified the following steps as essential in overcoming intercultural steps:

Breaking of assumptions: It is not right to make assumption on other cultures. These assumptions other wise known as stereotypes are known for leading to misinterpretation of information.

Understanding: people need to acknowledge the fact that culture and different and embrace the difference instead of letting it be a source of confusion. One should try to wear the other person’s shoes as this will make it possible for him or her to appreciate and understand the difference which existence. People should be encouraged to speak out their differences as this will make other aware of issues which are sensitive and as such they can be taken care of to avoid any kind of misunderstanding in the course of communication.

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Wisdom: people need to behave wisely when intercultural issues come to play. They is a need for people to be careful about the way they communicate towards other people especially from different cultures. Being cautious and using polite words can help to show that some had no bad intention incase there is confusion in communication.

Need to learn: at times there is the need to learn the way other people communicate. This is especially important for those who are picking up jobs in areas with different cultural background from their own. This is especially significant if the person to act at the level of supervising and directing others. This is because there is issues which being polite might do little to change. When acting at a managerial level one needs to be quite sensitive especially if the person managing in a different culture.

Intercultural communication challenges come about as a result of the differences experienced brought by the different cultures. These challenges cannot be ignored and have to be addressed as different people everyday are facing them. This is enhanced by the fact that globalization is quickly catching up with the world. Different people are often meeting in different on various international platforms.

The different values of culture have often presented challenges in such platforms. Understanding that cultures are diverse is the key to solving intercultural communication challenges. People need to appreciate that communication does not have to done only their way: there should be room for comprising as this create a platform which will accommodate people from different culture in the same platform. The need to work towards a common goal will enable people to sit down and share out all their differences. Realistically speaking not all the differences may come out as some may have to be learnt as people interact. Learning those differences will require one to be sensitive.

It is evident that the world is moving fast to globalization and as such there is a need to develop a common culture which anybody can easily adopt. There is a need that a research should be carried out on how possible it is to develop such a culture.


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