Violent Programmes

According to George Gerbner (1970), violent programmes like the cartoon television programmes are greatly and violently affecting most the population especially the children. The study seeks to establish the contexts that or in which violent acts that occur can help in the establishment of the potential impact in depicted violence in children. It is to find out the whether the aggressive behavior on the screen or the television programmes are rewarded or are punishable. The study also seeks whether the violence is gratuitous or is justified in any case and if also it has consequences. The study also looks at finding out if the most of the children does identify with the aggressor or the victims in the particular television programmes they watch. In addition to these, the study seeks to find out whether whenever the child sees the violent programme on television sees it as a realistic or not.

Methodology. A sample of twenty participants who in this were children who were mostly under the age of ten years. The participants were asked general questions which were to determine the type of television stations they like, the programmes they like watching and the umber of times they do watch the programmes in a week. Also the general questionnaires which the participants were asked were to determine the effect or how they feel whenever they watch the programmes. In addition to this, the participants were asked to give their views on the violent programmes that they have ever watched and if they do still like watching the programmes and they have been influenced by the programmes.

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Findings. From the study and in relation to the response, the incidences of violence in children were high averaging to 75%. The factor that makes the difference between the adult programme and the children programme is the nature of the programmes in that, the programmes that children do mostly watch have the acts of smashing, stabbing, running over and getting pushed off from high cliffs and unfortunately, they don’t stay to depth fro a longer time. From the sampled participants, 65% of them liked violent movies and out of them 45% testified that their lives had really been influenced by violent television programmes and their lives seemed to have a lot of violent activities in nature. They also testified that in most occasions they have had to brush shoulders with their fellows due to the violent acts they exercise as a result of watching them in the television programmes.

Discussion. There is actually a distinct link between the watching of the programmes and the character formation of the children under the age of twelve years. The watching of these television programmes can either make them have fear towards certain things in life or basically make them violent in their actual lives. A number of cases are seen to have developed attitudes towards certain things due to the programs influence to their lives. Development of aggressive characters or behavior can result in life long violence if immediate help intervention steps are not taken. Watching of these violent programmes can lead to emotional decentralization towards the actual violence.


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