The Search Engine for Web Users

In 1995 search engines was created by Sergey Brin and Lary at Stanford University to combine page’s page rank system technology which evaluates important pages based on external links to it. Brins’ Web crawler recorded the contents summary after visiting the website, google became the search engine for web users because of its efficiency. Google users also use micrsoft office, postscript, powerpoint, shockwave files, text and PDF.

Google is the site which is most popular on the internet which has over 380 unique users and 50 percent from outside the United States. Google’s IT infrastructure is very competitive and a secret which is closely guarded, since it has over 450,000 servers over 25 locations countrywide they use off-the-shelf hardware which is inexpensive to operate a customized Linux operating system version and other custom softwares which are critical, Some of them are programming model, map reduce, systems to group large queries and allocate for distributed processing, workqueue and google file system to keep data copies so that it can be easily accessed.

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Google revenue comes online and this enables organization to put their google search engines on their web pages.

This is a simple and straightforward technology which is profitable, google can be able to serve many clients at the same time and respond to all of them and this makes it very reliable and profitable. Although Google is facing some offensive fraud from its rivals, it is sponsoring academic economists to promote market share and revenue generated by researchers. Context aware searches and deep web search scan make Microsoft vault ahead of google.

According to Donna, L. a research at the University of California, google has become a tool of research and one don’t have to remember a lot of things since they have to be obtained through search engines. He says that google engines are more fast and efficient and through search engines the research is done effectively. learn, research and create information. Students use google to retrieve the information because even it is pleasing to see.

Competitive forces and value chain models.

Competitive forces models has some elements: Potential Entrants; due to high cost the threat is very low of entrants joining the market and also due to product complexity, competitors in the industry is very high hence there is rivalry in the existing competitors, This kind of product the substitutes are very low (hemawat, 1991). The suppliers power is very high for they choose when to use the web, buyers or suppliers choose when and how to utilize the product.

All this technologies are assets to the customers and provide google’s value and help customers to accomplish their tasks successfully and effectively. Value chain is steps in which an organization operates in a specific industry .The best level to have a value chain is business level. The product has to be passed all level and chains which add value to the product.

The porter’s five force analysis has been a major areas of study and can he used to provide competitive advantage. It is based on that competitive advantage emerges from the capability to earn returns which are better than the industry. The five forces deals with how the macro environment influences the micro environment in which the firm operate.

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Porter in 1980 defined the forces that drive completion that the competitive environment is formed by all the five forces. This forces include; rivalry between the sellers who exist in the market, the exerted power by the customers, the supplies impact on the sellers, the threats for new sellers who are entering in the market, and threats of new substitutes which is entering the market.


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