Intercultural Communication Challenges

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The world is becoming more accessible everyday. This is made possible as globalization is being accepted all over the world and people are beginning to interact virtually and physically. Technology has made it possible for these meetings to be possible and likely a global culture will emerge out of these interactions. For a global culture to emerge all the other will have to dissolve. This is a gradual process which will take time to occur. Dissolving of cultures can only occur after the people involved understand the culture of one another. Communication is an aspect of culture and understanding it will be big step to understanding how various people communicate. Communication varies especially at the international level the variation is so wide. Different cultures have different ways of communicating non-verbally. These non-verbal means of communication often bring a lot of confusion when there are different cultures in question. Apart from the non-verbal aspect of the culture there are other aspects which also affect the way people communicate: stereotypes among others. This often forms the challenges of the intercultural communications. This research paper examines the core source of the intercultural communication. The paper will integrate the views of various people on the topic and will also analyse the solutions which have been suggested by the various experts in the field of intercultural studies.

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Better understanding of intercultural communication will ensure the success of cooperative activities which take place at the international level. Taking into consideration the high rate of globalization, it will be wise for people to better understand what causes intercultural communication challenges. The paper will make use of both the literary materials from academic libraries and on line sources to determine the following:

  • What are the factors which bring about intercultural communication?
  • What can be done to improve the efficiency of intercultural communication?
  • What should people do to avoid intercultural communication problems?

This research is quite significant as help to shade light on a challenge which is real and occurring in the society. The research is quite relevant considering that this is an age of globalization where people from various cultural backgrounds are interacting more than ever. It will help in sensitizing its readers on how to better communicate when dealing with people from various backgrounds. This paper will make a contribution to the academic literature to enhance more understanding of intercultural communication. In general the paper will enhance better communication at the international platform.

The research question for this paper is, “how does “what are the challenges of intercultural communication.” The paper makes use of literature review to answer the research question. Care is taken and the materials used in the review are credible.

Challenges in intercultural communication are an issue which is experienced by all the ages of people. There are various platforms which require that communication is engaged with people who are from different cultures. This section sets out to show the source of most common challenges when intercultural communication in engaged. This section also integrates various views on what can be done to overcome such issues.


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