Impacts of Cultural Diversity in Business Communication

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Business Communication is generally known as Communications and is a basic tool that helps in the improvement of output or performance of employees within a company. In business, the term communications envelopes a number of channels of communication, these include the mass media, internet, word of mouth, prints, publications, and ambient media. Business Communication can be divided into external or internal communication. In a business company or organization, a communications director typically coordinates internal communication and draft messages to employees. It is important that internal communications be managed effectively and properly because a poorly presented or mismanaged information can generate misunderstanding and distrust in the business.

Communication, being such an integral part of any business, a number of issues have continually mushroomed it. One of these issues is language, ethnicity, cultural difference, and social backgrounds. Diversity in the work place or any business setting can propel business communication, but issues that surround it, hinder and complicate the communication process. These differences can affect everything from face to face interviews to departmental meetings, from internal memorandums to release of external news. Having a sound understanding of the diversity issues can help in the navigation of its effect at workplace or business communication. International business communication manager plays a key role in this, knowing how to convey communication through their point of view is an advantage.

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The diversity issues have potential to complicate and influence how individuals tackle business communication. Colleagues and other employees depict unique and individual ethnic, social, and cultural backgrounds. All aspect of business, coming at a conclusive agreement to solving conflicts can become very challenging. For example, a female British co-worker in a business setting will be more concerned with maintenance of harmony than facing resolution of conflict, which is a reflection of British cultural value. On the other hand, if you are in an Italian heritage setting, you may be surprised, frustrated, and even annoyed by the co-worker’s seeming ignorance or evasion of the issues at hand. Other business communication complications can result from differing values relating to verbal skills, ascent, varying attitudes toward disclosure, and dissimilar approaches to non-verbal communication. Language is the core of culture and assumptions over cultures affect the way people relate and communicate with other.

When the diversity issue is put into consideration, there can notable change in most businesses. The employee will begin to interact, make decisions and agreements, and provide feedback in an ongoing partiality or basis. The team players will be able to build a free and open communication environment to facilitate the creation of the building of trust, commitment, and the development of breakthrough. The businesses will further be able to, align themselves, in order to implement and execute their strategy, to attain their vision, and fulfill their mission.

To help solve the diversity issue, employees, employer, and customers should put aside personal feelings and sentiments and attentively listen to the person talking. Cultivation of understanding and goodwill with co-workers from diverse, language, cultural, ethical, and social backgrounds, acts as a revelation for everyone involved to begin seeing diversity as an opportunity to further business ties rather than being perceived as a limiting factor. People from diverse, different backgrounds and mindset can actually shade in new skills, ideas, and insights into the business, which can help boost the business output and the process of business communication. Having an open mind and being sensitive to these differences is a major factor for proper communication. Use of gestures, verbal and non-verbal communication skills are helpful too. Learning an effective business communication skill in communicating across cultures needs great awareness and sensitivity.


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