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Life is a character that differentiates things that are signaling and have self-sustaining process this means organisms that are living from the ones that are not alive. Biology as a science is concerned in the study of life. All living organism undergo a process known as metabolism and they maintain homeostatic ,they also have a capacity to grow, reproduce, respond to stimuli and also they adapt to the environment .Complex living organisms are able to communicate via various means .Philosophy and the religion have a different perception about life . They both interpreted how life exists and its consciousness and also they touch on the related issues. This includes purpose life stance soul conception of gods.

There are two early theories which give a different view about life: this includes

This theory explained that everything that existed is matter and life is merely a complex thing or it is an arrangement of matter .Empedocles(430BC) said that all things in the universe are made as a combination containing four eternal “elements “ this includes :water, air, fire and earth the changes that are there are due to the arrangement and also the rearrangement of the four elements . The different forms of life are the way they are, due to the correct mixture of the elements. Democritus(469BC), disciple of Leucippus viewed that the essential attributes of life is to have a soul he used this term to mean that it is the principle of all the living things that makes them perform as living things .He also thought that soul was made up of fire atoms due to the apparent connection which is between heat and life, since fire moves .He also said that all humans lived just like animals and they developed communities which helped one another, they also developed a language, crafts and agriculture.

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This theory originated with Aristotle (322BC) he meant that all things happens to be a combination of form and matter. He was one of the very first ancient authors to study the subject concerning life in scientific point of view. Biology happened to the main point of interest. According to his research, all things in the universe have both form and matter. The form happens to be the soul of all the living things. There exist three different kinds of souls: “vegetative soul” of the plants which enable them to grow and also decay and to nourish themselves, but it does not lead to motion and sensation.”Animal soul” that makes them to move and also feel and the supposed rational soul which happens to be the basis of consciousness and reasoning of which Aristotle believed in happens to be found in man only. Each of the higher soul has the attributes of the lower ones. Aristotle had believes that both the matter and form cannot exist without one another and thus soul cannot exist in an exception of the body(Bekins, 2011).

In consistent with the story is a teleological clarification of life. A teleological clarification accounts for the phenomenon in the terms of the purpose or goal-directedness. Thus, the conception of the whiteness of the polar bears is explained by its camouflage. Direction of causality happens to be the other form of materialistic science that explains the outcome in terms of the former cause. The modern biologists decline the functional observation in the terms of causal one and material: the biological characteristics are explained by looking to the past evolutionary narration, which led natural selection.

This is conveying of meaningful information from one person to another. For communication to be effective it requires essential features such as sender of the message the message its self and the intended recipient. The communicating parties have to share a common communication area for communication to be effective. Communication happens to be complete when the receiver has fully understood message sent by the sender.

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Communication skills

There are several communication types and forms which are used all over in the world to all the people who are tying to improve their communication skill .The effective use of communication skill includes the use of listening skills when talking to people. The importance of communication is to have your message across to the people clearly and unambiguously. This involves the effort from the sender and the recipient. This is a process which can have some errors due to messages being misinterpreted by the recipient. If this will not be detected it can lead to tremendous confusion which leads to missed opportunity and wasted efforts. Communication is effective when the sender and the recipient understand the information in the same way.

By effectively getting your message through, one need to convey thoughts and ideas when communication is not effective, thoughts and ideas conveyed do not reflect to your own. This leads communication breakdowns, which creates roadblocks which blocks the way of communications personally and professionally. Despite of the progressing importance on communication skills most individuals struggle with this, since they are unable to communicate through their thoughts and ideas effectively whether verbally or in written format. To have ones message across is paramount to succeeding. For one to do this, they need to understand the message and the recipients of the message to be sent and how they will perceive it and also circumstances which are surrounding the communications. This can either be situational context and cultural context.

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A good communication skill enables people to communicate effectively. Effective communication includes the best choice of communication channel and the technical knowledge of how to use the channel. The skills to understand the responses received from other people and also the ability present the information to the targeted audience. Interpersonal skills, mutual understanding, trust, mutual cooperation, self development is an important set to complete a channel for the most effective and also winning communication skills.


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