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Men and Women

Communication is a process of assigning and conveying or passing a meaningful thoughts, opinions or information in order to create a common shared understanding. Communication can either be through speech, signs or writing and it requires repertoire skills in interpersonal and intrapersonal processing, questioning, evaluating, speaking, analyzing, conversation and observing etc. There are various types of communication used by both men and women namely; oral/verbal communication, nonverbal communication, visual communication etc.

While communicating people normally perceive things differently because of their differences in personal experiences, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, personality styles, attitudes, gender and beliefs etc. Therefore this diversity can affect our ability to communicate effectively and efficiently among ourselves. Among men and women there exists misunderstanding in communication thus bringing about communication differences.

According to Wrench and Richmond, (p139) in many scenarios of everyday men usually tend solve and deal with situations in a logical approach but in communication especially with their partners. But for women they do not come out clearly with issues that need address rather they just give a hint thus hiding the true facts or feelings. Thus we see that men tend to think in terms of logic and reasoning while a woman thinks in terms of feelings and emotions.

Deborah Tannen. (p21)observed that men usually use conversation to negotiate for status in a group and talking as a tool for preservation their independence while for women they usually use conversation to negotiate for intimacy and closeness. Women talk is the essence of intimacy. For example friendship among women is just for sitting and talking while for men they do activities together. Therefore here we see that in women a feeling of closeness is created through conversation such as of ones experiences and troubles thus bringing them at equal levels but for men they will use conversation for either addressing or seeking advice or a solution.

Among most women they usually want men to do what they want just because they do it. But for the men they usually have a gut level resistance in doing what is delegated because they want to maintain and establish dominance and status

While conveying information men tend to use report talk while women usually use rapport talk mainly to establish connection and intimacy. This therefore brings two perceptions, that is; women will view men as self centered and domineering, while men will view women as illogical and insecure.

Comparing men and women, men usually assumes a direct and forceful approach manner of communicating, while women normally acquire a more tentative, a quieter and a questioning approach. In reacting to stress men normally tend to have a fight or flight response towards situations while on the other side women normally deals with such situations with a befriend and tend strategy, (Shelley, Taylor, p 49)

To ensure that communication between men and women becomes effective, there is need to recognize various differences among the males and females communication styles. This can be achieved through understanding, speaking, listening and use of clear communication methods so as to meet primary communication needs of every party. In addition there is need to learn the critical communication rules.


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