The Communication

Communication can be described as a form in which we consign and convey meaning in an attempt to come into an understanding in our life (Wrench, & Richmond, 2007). This form needs a vast range of skills in intrapersonal and interpersonal methodology, analyzing, evaluating and observing the real life. In communication information is enclosed in a wrap up and channeled by a sender and passed on to a receiver through a certain medium. After receiving the information the receiver then decodes the message and in turn the receiver gives out a feedback or a reply to the message.

For any form of communication to consider complete it requires three aspects, the message, sender, and the anticipated receiver, however it is not mandatory for the receiver to be aware of the sender intention to communicate so as the act of communication to take place. A well communicated message will lead to a reply that a sender intends to receive.

In any communication to be complete a reply is a requirement. A reply is an acknowledgement which is made to correspond to an inquiring (Wrench, & Richmond, 2007). In message replies are communicated in many form, it can be done either through speaking or writings. A reply is important since it acts as a means of passing relevant information and ensuring communication continues through exchange of words.

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A reply can may be only in form of a solitary word, for instance “no” or “yes”, or can also be conveyed through use of body language such as nodding or winking. In conclusion it is now evident that for communication to take place a reply is a prerequisite. Consequently a reply from a party helps one to express his/her opinion toward a certain message or situation. A reply is also defined as a reaction of a person towards a certain phenomena.


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