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This paper is based on the analysis of Wikipedia by clicking “cite this article” followed by reading “Important note”. After reading the article the sources are critically evaluated followed by reading the “Wikipedia” within its own site. The introduction, and analyzing “Reliability and bias” and “Criticism and controversy”, and skimming the articles. This is where the topic of Grain-fed steer, is critically researched. Doing a general search for information on the web is tricky, as is takes some skill to find sources that are scientifically sound, not profit-motivated. A diversity of statistics is present in the web. The truth of the information is based on the comparison with considering other related sources. the organization that report statistics has a goal of enlightening the public and selling their information and they usually gain after the materials that thy offer have been purchased by potential users. The information has a significant impact on the planet as future research shall take the trend of the information that has already been reported.

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The information obtained from the net should be adequate in answering the questions such as the following

How much grain is needed to feed one steer for one year (or for the life of the steer)?

The impact that is associated with the growing corn for feeding the animals are in a position of feeding backwards in the situation that grass is available, a resource that is sustainable and even mere preferred. Therefore the quantity of the grain is a factor of scarcity and availability (Ward, Knox & Hobson, 134-245).

How many people could that amount of grain feed?

What are the arguments for and against a reduction of animal agriculture to ease world hunger?

As a result of the present day shortage in the quantity of grain, there is a possibility that there will be a high demand for the grains as a result of the changes in consumption in addition to the potential change. This will call for the changes in the system of the production of beef

How much water does it take to raise a steer or produce a pound of meat?

How much land? (For grass-fed steer, how much PUBLIC land is used for cattle grazing?

The land for this purpose should not be limited since young cows in addition to the calves graze in a manner that they would in a natural manner. Due to the length of time that is required for the cows that are fed on grass to attain a weight that is respectable, there is a need for moving them to the feedlots for the purpose of fattening as they complete their lives. The use of higher levels of forages to finish the rations has a requirement of additional land meant for tillage so that forages of the highest quality can be produced. This is based on the understanding of the fact that the roughages of the highest quality are the only one that is capable of supporting gains that are adequate (Ward, Knox & Hobson, 134-245).

Why are current grass-fed/grazing practices also unsustainable?)

Besides wasteful resource use, what other consequences did you discover?

The findings obtained have a relationship with the topics such as:

* The Second Law of Thermodynamics relates to universal principle related to entropy explaining the entropy in a system that is isolated and lacks equilibrium has a tendency of increasing with time as it approaches maximum value as it reaches equilibrium and this situation will be applicable in the situation of the Grain-fed steer.

*Net Primary Productivity, in most of the situations the biomas at peak standing is an appropriate measure of the net primary productivity and more so if the situation is associated with standing litter in a persistent manner as is the case with Grain-fed steer. There is a common reporting of the live biomas (Ward, Knox & Hobson, 134-245).

*energy efficiency, only the annuals of the cool season, good example being the wheat pastures are in a position of offering the highest potential for the production of the beef that are finished using forage (Ward, Knox & Hobson, 134-245).

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*food chains, the promotion of Grain-fed steer is likely to improve on the food chains. This is based on the typical nature of the beers to consume a wide range of diets which consequently is a source of food to the rest of the creatures that depend on them for food. The food chain in this case is therefore significantly altered because the grain is a source of food for the animals as well as humans who also depend on the steer for food

*nutrient cycles, there is also a significant shift in the nutrient cycle as the grains are first consumed by the steers which can also be consumed by the humans.


*ecological footprint, this is based in the fact that majority of the feedlots give out a lot of waste in comparison to their handling capacity. This leads to the pollution of environmental resources such as water in addition to air (Ward, Knox & Hobson, 134-245).

*carrying capacity, there is also an alteration in the carrying capacity as less land shall be required to stock the steers due to their dependency on the grains for food which a supplement and a high value feed.

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*poverty, the issue of the Grain-fed steer takes in to account that poverty is unexistent in the society. Feeding grains to the animals can only be applicable in he societies that live without high level of poverty because the grains can be fed by the humans.

* There are also some indications of high throughput societies as the feeding patterns are altered in a dramatic manner..

Many destructive activities are also related to these animals such as the activities of the textile industry, auto manufacturing, mining, and poaching.


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